The future of the Watchtower Society

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  • mickygrey

    Hi all,

    I left way back in 2002, seems a long time ago now and I haven't really kept up with any developments since.

    I've kept one ear open and noticed recently there is talk of the WT being investigated over the sex abuse cover ups, but over the years this story has come in and out of the news.

    What is everybody's predictions as to the future of the Borg? I know what most people WANT to happen, but realistically, are we just looking at certain elements being hit because of the restructuring they did a few years ago to protect from this very thing? Looking further ahead, you'd like to think that more people would wake up?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I think they will shrink to a core fanatical number, they will stop preaching publicly and social media linking to their website will be witnessing or either they will be told the preaching is finished, hunker down and wait out the end.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    There are never baptized non-jws. Even they, although sometimes treated with contempt and labelled 'bad association', defend the organization to jws who have been booted out.

  • Giordano

    Hi Mickey thanks for stopping by.

    The WTBTS is now in the same boat as the Christian Scientists and the Scientologists and any number of other made up religions that have demonstrated that they have no real value for any community.

    Like these other religions the JW's made up shit and then painted themselves into a corner.

    And now they have a huge pedophile problem......... similar to other organizations and churches. Don't tell....keep it a secret!....was the WT way to mitigate this problem. But for a number of reason's it's worse.

    It takes two witnesses to bring charges within the JW congregation. A big part of this stems from the old Jewish rule of needing ' two witnesses' to accuse a person of a crime.

    The JW's purposely go into prisons to spread their good news. It doesn't take a pedophile prisoner very long to understand that being associated with the JW community is an open pass to grooming children........ for sexual abuse.

    Any pedophiles out there who understand the protections they will have ....... will more then willingly covert to the JW religion and readily take advantage of the blind sided 'friends'.

    Unfortunately JW Elders are taught to view sexual crime...... as a sin ,,,,,,,so like mold...... child sexual abuse within the congregation......... grows.

    It was discovered during the recent Australia Royal Commission into religious sexual child abuse............. (Google ARC or the Jehovah's Witness pedophile problem for more information).

    That from 1950 to the present day, the JW Branch in Australia kept files on 1005 cases of reported sexual abuse and not a one was ever turned over to the authorities. Worse then that you could be DF if you brought the crime to the police.

    Here in the USA it is possible that the WTBTS has 23,000 pedophile reports on file.

    The Society is a joke and is failing every day and every way to keep their authority intact and their numbers. Their pedophile court cases are a disaster which is one of the primary reasons they are selling off Kingdom Halls.

    No State or Country takes them seriously at this point in time.

    JWs are paying it forward according to the Pew religious survey. 67% of born-ins no longer identify with being a JW.

    Among all the religions surveyed by the Pew survey....... the JW's have the least higher education and have the least income.

    All of this you can Google. provides another great service. Under 'reasons to be disfellowshiped' the Society lists over 100 reasons you can be DFed....... It's all madness.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The future of the wt society is quite bright----you know all the "new light" is quite bright! lol

    just saying!

  • Vidiot

    Whatever the future holds for the Org, it definitely ain't sunshine and roses.

  • Hairtrigger

    The WT has money and a passel of well paid lawyers who are looking out forthem. They will

    continue to thwart government and law officials and make a mockery of the law until legislation in the US changes to compel them to hand over the data base of pedophiles, their “two witness” policy along with lack reporting to the police and Child protection agencies the child abuse cases rampant within the organization. Until that happens all we have is private orgs. and the media that can educate the masses . about the pedophile problem that they have so successfully kept from the public eye and the other lies that they preach to unsuspecting victims.

  • LongHairGal


    All the above posts are sadly true!

    The JW religion is a disgrace and is finally being exposed on several TV programs. Part 2 of an expose on Oxygen will air tonight.

  • dydeonwl

    The Watchtower is among top most circulated magazines

  • RolRod

    They'll survive … as long as people keep buying into what they have to say … remember even a lie has a little truth to it, or so many wouldn't be mislead.


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