And What about yearbook 2017 ??

by keinlezard 12 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • steve2

    Questions over the availability of the Yearbooks have arisen on this forum several times over the years. At one stage, this site had a feature that included "related" threads - yet none appear to have popped up on inquiries about Yearbooks in recent years.

  • freddo

    If you look on jaydubyadotborg all the previous yearbooks over the last few years seem to be uploaded in late December.

  • Simon
    unfortunately this forum's software seems to only show how long ago a post was originally posted - ie '10 months ago'

    If you hover over a timestamp, it will show the exact UTC time, not the relative one.

    BTW: The "One Hundred Years Ago - 1916" section is "brave" ... it kind of screams "Yeah, remember that 1914 thing we made a big deal about?"

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