This Forum. Has it changed? For the better or for the worse? Or not a at all?

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  • EmptyInside

    Well,I try to look at it this way,when we were in the cult,we weren't allowed our own opinions,but now,we can disagree.

    The forum helped me wake-up to TTAT. And there were more intellectual discussions about the teachings of the Witnesses,and more experiences of those that left.

    I don't come on here as often,but when I do,I only read the topics that are of interest,or where I may be able to give support to a new poster.

  • snugglebunny

    Some excellent research of JW beliefs and appropriate rebuttals by JWN old timers here:

  • Phizzy

    I think the only change that I miss is that the real Academics have moved on, but we do have a search button, so their contributions are not lost. Probably the last remaining Academic of standing is Doug Mason, bless him for all his hard work and for bothering to post here !

    As noted above, long time Posters on here mature and do change, which is good, when we all emerged from the JW intellectual Prison we were all in dire need to change, to mature, and to learn to think critically to greater effect.

    The change I have observed is that many new Posters seem very naive and lacking in a lot of knowledge, even about the Bible and the religion they are leaving. But that probably reflects the demographic of the present day JW Org, the knowledgeable have already left.

    I just hope this place remains a safe place for exiting JW's to find comfort and advice.

  • jp1692

    Phizzy: The change I have observed is that many new Posters seem very naive and lacking in a lot of knowledge, even about the Bible and the religion they are leaving.

    When I joined the JWs in the early '80s, there was at least the pretense or illusion of approaching religion and a study of the Bible from an academic or scholarly perspective—albeit not a real one from a rigorous, academic point of view.

    This religion has become so dumbed-down that it is really embarrassing. This is why we no longer need to get involved in any deep, theological debates or discussions.

    The WTBTS has had a long, slow-burn to get to the present simplistic belief system that they currently espouse. But they really jumped-the-shark when they published their ridiculous "Overlapping Generation" interpretation of Matthew 24:34.

    The downhill descent from there has only accelerated exponentially.

    One quick look at the current leadership only confirms how intellectually bankrupt they are, with of course the main Poster Child for that being Stephen Lett:

    Image result for stephen lett

    I mean, seriously! Who would, for one second, think you could have anything even remotely resembling an intelligent conversation about anything with that guy?


  • Phizzy

    I have thought of another thing I miss here, which has been missing for a number of years and is explained by the Post above, the occasional visit we used to get by a JW Apologist.

    It was heartening and fun to see them roundly beaten in debate, at which point they usually scuttled off, tails between legs.

    What this shows is that the JW's of today do not really believe they have the "Truth", if they did they would at least attempt to defend it. That makes them hypocrites and charlatans all.

    They are only at home on Sites where anyone who even obliquely challenges them is immediately booted off.

    Sad that none of them try, in the past some who started out as Apologists were helped here to see the errors of the Org and to join us here as searchers after real Truth.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    To play devils advocate for a moment, most anything JW has been discussed to death here. Everything has been discussed, dissected, scrutinized, and reviewed from multiple angles, many times over. Most of the scandles are old news, or a new case with the same storyline. It's not that any of these things shouldn't be discussed at length ever again, but after a while, it's nice to discuss other things. People come here to learn and grow. Most show up questioning themselves and the beliefs instilled in them. If they stick around, they start to grow as a person. As we grow, we need more. Being able to discuss politics, and other subjects, helps us to grow, and makes this an ever evolving forum of discussion and debate. Many who come here have never discussed or shared their political feelings, or world views, as those were stifled, repressed, or nonexistent, as witnesses. This is a place where, as ex witnesses, it seems safe to share our thoughts and viewpoints on such matters, as other places may seem much more intimidating, given our retarded learning curve and understanding of all things forbidden by JW (especially for those of us born in). Personally, I feel safer expressing my thoughts here, even though I know none of you. Yet you all know where I come from. That you may excuse a lack of complete understanding, or forgive a stupid mistake in something I say, or a viewpoint I hold, as I am forever flawed by the beliefs I was raised with. The beliefs each and every one of you held at some point. So we have an understanding. A common ground from which we can relate, even if we differ in our current thoughts and beliefs.

    And besides. Who wants to rehash the same thing over and over again? One of the BIGGEST issues I had with going to meetings. After being gone for over 10 years, when I came back, it was the same frickin thing, regurgitated over and over. Like I never left!

    No disrespect to those who bring up old subjects. I completely understand there is a constant influx of new ones questioning their jw beliefs, and it's so much easier to look at something new that comes up here, or ask questions, than to go digging in the archives. And its definitely interesting to hear a new take on our old beliefs, a new scandal, or a new lawsuit, or new developments within the organization. It's just nice to be able to discuss other topics.

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