Jehovah's Witnesses: A Clear Decline

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  • Hadriel

    It is rather clear that the internet is to put it mildly, wrecking the world of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. If not for foreign language I doubt there would be much growth at all.

    Digital trends and analytics are very real. Don't think they don't mean something. I live this analytics world I assure you to some degree you can take it to the bank.

    Add to the fact that Christianity isn't even enjoying the fastest growth among religions. Islam will soon overtake Christianity as a whole. Meaning JW growth really isn't in the equation.

    So much for expansion and growth as makers of the true religion and God's support.

    Report from the Mirror

  • Simon

    Sadly though, they are transferring their attention to the domain name instead -

    Kind of laughable that they promote a domain name more than the supposedly "god given name" that they are supposed to be promoting !

  • theliberator
    I believe they truly will decline and it will be apparent, not only to us, but to outsiders as well. We need to remember, that although the internet has been available for sometime, mobile internet has not. Most in the past would never seek a desk pc and start researching the Watchtower unless they were on a mission. Today, we pull out our phones on a whim. In the past, the Watchtower was always that religion that claimed to be Christian, but was somewhat shrouded in mystery. "Maybe we have misunderstood them." "Maybe I should check out that Kingdom Hall to find out what they are all about." Or, "Maybe I can have a study and ask questions." Those days are over. The smartphone is what is killing them. The mystery that surrounds them is over. It was the smartphone that took me out and took me out fast. The ability to read hours at a time without family knowing, was the end for me. And it will be the end for most escapees.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    They will eventually drop JW and be known as Christians..
  • steve2

    Hadriel please could you explain your impresive looking graph on the JWs. What exactly is it measuring (it says "Interest over time" - but as measured by what?) and where is the graph sourced from?

    I followed the link but, allowing for the possibility I looked in the wrong section, where does the link refer to JWs?

    Thanks in anticipation for your answer.

  • Finkelstein

    " Good morning we are representatives of JWorg. and we are calling in your neighborhood with a important message regarding JWorg. , do you have a minute of your time so we can explain what we have ? "

  • 20yearfader
    if his chest had been a cannon he would shoot his heart at jworg please put up a graph showing when this cult will die
  • ttdtt
    Where did that chart come from?

    Hadriel, I HOPE YOU'RE RIGHT! True enough that these days anyone can search anything almost instantly so it's easy to see that growth will slow in western civilizations. My hope is that this will help people who are still in[doctrinated]

    I look forward to the day that my family members wake up. I think that the WTS strength lies more in their repetition of doctrine over proof that the doctrine is incorrect.

  • bradford
    There is a link in the post to the mirror which leads to the pew research site which leads to a data explorer tool on a global religion site. On a mobile device here so couldn't play with the site too much but it seems legitimate.

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