Disfellowshipping Question

by Elizabeth Thompson 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Daniel1555

    I wish you and your husband all the best.

    I don't know if you would be disfellowshipped. I'd say probably not, except if you told them that you had sex before marriage.

    As others have said, you owe the elders no explanation at all.

    It is natural, that you wanna make known to all, that you are happily married.

    I am not sure if keeping it secret would be good for you.

    One possibility would be to don't care about the others and stick to your husband. Then you would see who is your true friends. If a friend would end the friendship with you it is clearly not a true friend.

    And if elders wanna counsel you, just say friendly that you thank them for their concern but that you are fine, and say NO NO NO to further talks about your life.

    When you fade away the people in the congregation will have nearly no contact however they are permitted to talk with you. It would be good to make new friends who accept and love you as you are and who will not throw you away just because you change your views about religion.

    On the long run it is such a wonderful thing to be free and live your own spirituality and live by your conscience.

  • Nobodyspecial

    Elizabeth..... Its a process. Its one thing to know, intellectually, the truth about the cult... Its another to convince your heart. It just takes time. Think on the questions people are asking and what your husband is telling you and take your time.

    you owe the elders nothing. No so much as a word about who you love, sleep with or marry. Its not their buissness if you slept toether before you were married (they WILL ask). The manner in which you sleep together isnt their concern (they will ask). None of it.... But we already know that.

    You need to to come to terms with it in whatever way you need to and in whatever time it takes you :)

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Had this very situation happen in our Hall.

    A Sister married a DF brother and her Uncle (an Elder) said to her to say to the Elders that " I was engaged to him before thDFing".

    We wrote the Branch about this and their was response was that "in Jehovah's eyes, an Engagement is the same as being Married". They even included the Account of Joseph was going to divorce Mary (they were only engaged at the moment) when she revealed that she was pregnant.

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