Necessary Family Business (NFB) is now acceptable according to the weekly WT Study

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  • steve2

    you are forced to beg Jehovah for help
    and forgiveness, you realize how much
    you need him.”

    The chief virtue of this statement - which emphasizes the notion of being forced back - is it states in black and white what the organization has spoken from the platform and to individuals for decades.

    With this now in print, there is some measured acceptance by the organization that the practice of disfellowshipping forces the individual to beg for forgiveness.

    No surprises that it simply assumes that the status of being disfellowshipped is, from the organization's perspective, a sentence of guilt. Otherwise it is nothing new.


    Necessary Family Business (NFB) is now acceptable according to the weekly WT Study

    It`s always been acceptable..


    You Can Come Home..

    When You Want To Serve Jehovah.....BYE!..

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  • Phizzy

    I agree with Nugget's perceptive comment above, the JW Org are masters at talking out of both sides of their mouths, the published stuff in the MagRag is for public consumption, so they can refer to it if challenged, the hateful mind-control stuff they come out with at Conventions is where the real policies are aired, and the JW Practice comes from.

    The Arseholes of New York (GB) are tightening up the Control.

    Don't panic too much though folks, most JW's take no notice of any of it, and if your JW's do, there are ways to guilt them in to behaving in a more Christian manner.

  • dozy

    I always find these experiences of DFd ones who are reinstated and have such a positive attitude about their experience so spurious. I've known a few reinstated and they always were really hacked off about the way they were treated.The whole " I really appreciated the way my family faithfully shunned me blah blah " is just total fiction.

    One "sister" in our congregation was reinstated & the elders told her that she had to have a bible study after her reinstatement - it lasted a few weeks then she told the sister studying with her & the elders that she didn't feel the study was helping her so she stopped it. Another virtually shunned her own family after the way she was treated during the time she was DFd. Generally reinstated one come back with "attitude" and just want to forget the whole episode. I'm convinced that the Societies experiences are made up.

  • TheWonderofYou

    NFB Thats super!! ??? Really. The society is concentrating now more on family matters, YEAH!!! ?? Really?

    We will do intensify our NEB however _ _ _ _ _ _ necessary exposure business

  • Wayward

    Notice how the young man didn't come back for love of the religion? He came back because he was pining for his family.

    NFB =

    taking care of elderly family who thought they would be in the new system by now and are not finically prepared.

    We certainly will not. So start being nice [ i.e. NFB] to your DF'd kids. You're going to need them.

    In my home state its the law that children MUST support their parents when they're old and disabled. No ifs, ands, or buts. That's one law I would LOVE to see contested in court when it comes to parents who voluntarily cut contact with their kids. If your parents refuse to speak to you for 20 years and behave like you're dead, why should they expect you to care for them?

  • GLTirebiter

    Unconditionally loving your parents, spouse, and children is Necessary Family Business. Forgiving them "seventy times seven" times for whatever they might have done is Necessary Family Business. Neglecting them because they don't go to meetings and the Kingdom Hall and spend every weekend peddling WTBTS publications is NOT family business.

  • Finkelstein

    Its the WTS business to separate family members from those who are devout from those who are not and the WTS doesn't want those who are not, associating with ones that are. there is the possibility of breaking the controlling and manipulative brainwashing they have implemented to their followers.

    Its the same reason why the WTS admonished going to Collage and Universities, people might obtain knowledge that might reveal the corruption of what the Watchtower Corporation is made up.

    Those who left might talk and expose the fraudulent doctrines and lies the WTS has propagated to cultivate its followers for exploitation purposes.

    Honest truth seeking individuals be dammed.

  • Sevan

    I have never met a reinstated person who felt positively about the way they were treated while DF'd. I know that my husband's relationship with his family will never be the same.

    Not to mention that once DF'd you are forever looked down upon and treated with suspicion even after you are reinstated.

    This religion is such bull. I could tell so many stories.

    Dozy, you are right, I think a lot of the "experiences" from the WTS are completely made-up bull.

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