Necessary Family Business (NFB) is now acceptable according to the weekly WT Study

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  • millie210

    Thanks for that Blondie...

    Anyone think maybe it is a legal disclaimer or hedging their bets legally?

    Who decides what is "necessary" family business?

    The average JW is not allowed to think for themselves in any area - not grooming, dress or even sexual conduct between married people. How on earth would they be able to discern necessary family business from un neccesary?

    Most will think it best to have NO contact period and the Org still gets to look good in print.

  • Worldling9

    Well, I sure am glad my mother decided to have lots of NFB in her last few years.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    NFB =

    taking care of elderly family who thought they would be in the new system by now and are not finically prepared.

    We certainly will not. So start being nice [ i.e. NFB] to your DF'd kids. You're going to need them.

  • dubstepped
    millie210 - Who decides what is "necessary" family business?

    Why, Jehovah's Witnesses, of course. Those bastards get to decide everything, the hallmark of any narcissists. The world is their playground and we're just living in it. If they need something, you bet they'll contact their ex-JW relatives. Need money? NFB Sick and need someone to care for you? NFB Let's face it though, it's a one way street. They WANT to see us flounder. The worse any one of us does in the "world", the more it solidifies their narrow minded thinking. They're rooting for us to lose, thinking that will make us come back. They want us to suffer, thinking that will make us come back.

    I love how they always find the one example where things worked out for them and use it in their publications, so they too can have the best outcome. Really? Oh, you mean like my dad dying in April, having shunned me for the last year of his life? That was the best outcome? I hate that organization so much. They are sickening.

    NFB means nothing more than "whatever suits the JW in the family's needs or wants, so long as it isn't in any way helpful or loving toward the ex-JW".

  • LaurenM
    Note how it says that they felt like he had died (& probably treated him like he was dead) "forcing" him to come back...Its common knowledge that "absolutely necessary family business" is nothing but contacting DFd ones when there are financial problems or deaths in the family. Nothing more. I don't see anything positive in this at all. Just the same old reinforcement of the shunning policy
  • dubstepped

    LaurenM caught that point about being "FORCED to beg Jehovah for help and forgiveness", and I did too. So much for free will, eh? I thought Jehovah never coerced anyone to serve him.

    Let's's a CULT!

  • dubstepped

    Oh, and I just noticed that it didn't say that necessary family business was okay, it said that ABSOLUTELY necessary family business was okay, as in a last resort, when there's no other choice.

  • Finkelstein

    Nothing new here in this latest article, just old propaganda regurgitated.

    The worse any one of us does in the "world", the more it solidifies their narrow minded thinking. They're rooting for us to lose, thinking that will make us come back. They want us to suffer, thinking that will make us come back.

    Well said dubstepped and truthfully accurate.

    Sorry about your father and how he treated you.

    Destroying and breaking up family relationships is one culpable damage this cult creates

  • TheWonderofYou
    So we kept our contact with our son to absolutely necessary family business (NFB)

    In reality the son was treated by the family as needless attachement, and this as much as possible by using that disciplination of cutting unnecessary contact.

    In reality someday after a long period of loneliness then he certainly desperately relinquished to use his own will after his mind was formed, trained and moded enough by the family to accept the stupid realisation "how much he needed Jehovah" ~ in his loneliness.

    In reality he got formed and mindcontrolled to an horrible extent to be convinced that it was even a blessing for him to "have been forced to beg Jehovah for help and forgiveness"

    This son must have been a very mad criminal to deserve this treatment.

  • nugget

    you have to balance this with the dram at the assembly which showed little to no contact with a Df'd child The child was told they had to leave home as they were a bad influence and the parents did not answer calls from the DF'd child. The implication is necessary family business goes only one way. If the parents need help from the Df'd child then they would contact them but since they do not answer calls from the child it really doesn't matter how desperate they are.

    JW discipline is vindictive and spitefiul there is nothing devine about it. I see nothing positive here

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