If the GB changed a major teaching, would all witnesses just go along with it?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    @ stuckinarut2 - The majority of J.W.'s will simply and silently accept any reversal of long-held "truths" by the org - no matter how radical they may be.

    However, as I reckon the R & F are very agitated by the org's incessant "requests" and "suggestions" for donations, the org could really waken up a multitude of J.W.'s by demanding money from them in a regulated and monitored fashion. (I'll bet the Magnificent 7 have discussed such a scenario at their weekly conclave)

  • Fairlane

    Possibly not all, but the 'brother' i was speaking to at the trolley /cart pitch would, he told me in no uncertain terms that he would follow any new 'truths' spouted by the faithful slave / gb, therefore he has already made up his mind to go along with the 'organisations teachings without even the knowledge of its content !! the mind boggles!!

  • notsurewheretogo

    They already have.

    Literal generation was a major doctrine.

    Changed to overlapping...dubs lapped it up.

  • pale.emperor

    When i was in i blindely followed whatever was spewed up from Brooklyn. Who was i to think i knew better than Gods chosen channel?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    If the GB changed a major teaching, would all witnesses just go along with it? - I think most JWs would go along with it. They believe that Jesus said they should follow the Faithful Slave, so most do just that.

    The rest would probably visit JWFacts or this forum.

  • ToesUp

    "The thing I think is most effective is an act that is perceived as blatant injustice to the individual. Once they find that no one really cares about justice or theocratic reasoning, that is their best chance at eyes opening."

    Exactly Millie. Once it is done to THEM, the tables turn. We observed this a few years ago. A close friend was stripped of his "privileges". You would have thought that WT had put him in a concentration camp and tortured him. Now that he has his "privileges" back all is right in JW land. He marches merrily along....UNTIL they do it to him again! It's always easier being the screwer verses the screwee. There is a song by Lady Gaga titled, til it happens to you. The song is about sexual assault. No one understands what that person goes through until it happens to them. It personally affects them.

  • schnell
    Who was i to think i knew better than Gods chosen channel?

    You mean, "don't lean on your own understanding"?

    Ugh. My friend told me that recently when I showed him how the flood couldn't have happened. That little verse in Proverbs is key to their mind control.

    When you go back and read Proverbs as a thinking atheist, you see pretty clearly that at least on the surface, it's a letter from a father telling his sons to stay away from thugs and hoes. If it was intended any other way, it's pretty odd to start out with that.

    But no, cults need that mind control measure.


    The GB have already declared that the increase of "professed anointed" doesn't matter. This was their alternative to being wrong...again. So, they could easily declare that the 144,000 is symbolic, and Dubs would buy it.

    It's really their next, best move. A symbolic 144,000 waiting to be chosen would help explain the delay of the GT. Then, once 5 or 10 years passes from the inception of the "Overlapping Generation", they can revert to the "Generation" being the wicked. Those two doctrines, used in tandem, can be used to perpetuate the never-ending "GT = around the corner" dogma. I'm surprised they haven't done it already.

    The current GB will die off, or become obsolete as far as the WTBTS is concerned. Sheesh....just look at Loesch! He looks half-dead, and bores even the most ardent Dub! New blood will have to take over, and some kind of doctrinal explanation will be needed. Since the new born-in crop are the worst Bible students of all time, they will except whatever they are told. After all, it's a social club/quasi-religion. They don't even practice charity.

    I've been told by Eldubs to preach what the WT mag says, even if it's inaccurate. I was recently at a JW BBQ and Elders and their wives were getting krunked-up! ( Can't blame them, they are stressed out and just human.) I have no doubt that these younger Dubs will do ANYTHING that they are told.

    Remember, the WTBTS has recently stated that the GB are authorized by Jeehoober to make "decrees." A decree is NOT a suggestion. The GB actually believe they are rulers of men. They are going to do whatever they have to do, and J-dumbs will go along with it.

    Dubs are unique in that they have no personal beliefs, save Paradise Earth. Hell, most are accepting the fact that they will get old and die. As previously mentioned, since they have no real convictions about 99% of their doctrine, they will accept anything they are told, as long as they are special/chosen for eternal life at some point.


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I think many JWs will not even notice a major doctrinal change.

  • shepherdless
    If the GB changed a major teaching, would all witnesses just go along with it?

    Most witnesses would just behave and respond like this Australian politician, a few years ago:


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