If the GB changed a major teaching, would all witnesses just go along with it?

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  • schnell

    Maybe they'll change their rule on 2 witnesses.

    That'll be a loving provision.

  • zeb

    Such as blood issue becoming ..'clear'.. and being a 'conscience issue'.

  • skin

    Nothing will make the average JW wakeup. Simply because most JW's dont see any difference between Jehovah and the faithful slave, and in some things they show more fear in the words from the faithful slave (GB). For instance the faithful slave say don't grow a beard, the need to report your time each month, the end is near etc, and most witness's will follow these very things. Meanwhile Jehovah says not to gossip (Proverbs 20:19), get drunk (Ephesians 5:18), don't listen to anyone that says the end is near, (Luke 21: 7 - 8) and yet this is what a lot of Witness's do.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great replies everyone!

    Yes I know there have been many changes already over the years.

    So I am wondering what it would REALLY take for a witness to wake up and question the authority?

  • schnell

    I went to the last assembly's morning session with my wife, and an awesome beard that I was quite surprised I could grow. This is after the Watchtower announced a change about beards I guess. I didn't read it, just heard about it.

    (I did, however, read in 30 Years A Watchtower Slave about Rutherford and the bearded coordinator of Bethel in Germany. That's why I grew the beard.)

    I got looks. People didn't know what to do. One of my great friends had to break the ice and come over to me before anyone else in his circle would do so.

    I left at the half. If you love hearing some dork at the podium talk about wrestling with demons, but won't talk to a friend because he has a beard now, you're acting nuts. Although I mostly left because nothing said in the entire program made sense.

  • millie210
    So I am wondering what it would REALLY take for a witness to wake up and question the authority?

    The thing I think is most effective is an act that is perceived as blatant injustice to the individual. Once they find that no one really cares about justice or theocratic reasoning, that is their best chance at eyes opening.

    If this should happen, they will naturally turn to the system in place (elders, C.O. writing a letter to Bethel) and IF that fails, it can be just enough of a crack in the facade to quickly become a gaping hole in their "faith".

    The good news is the caliber of elders is dropping and the rapidity with which a person can find themselves told to shush and "go along to get along" seems to be increasing.

  • mikeypants

    My jdub wife said making 144000 symbolic would make her question things. But, I guarantee she would go along with it. Nothing short of an order to strangle our children would make her leave the organization.

  • Steel

    I am still floored they just accept the new understanding of the faithful slave. The WTS always danced around the cult issue with the anointed class.

    (We are not a cult because cults they small groups of human leaders. Are leadership is jehovah God and his annoited remnant).

    Then they fired the remnant and no one even cared. It's like they just gave up pretending they weren't a cult.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    So I am wondering what it would REALLY take for a witness to wake up and question the authority?

    On the whole, JW's will accept anything the Governing Body say's does or changes. Even when presented with the most feeble of reasonings, they are able to do an about face on just about any doctrine.

    Individually however, if they are affected enough personally by a change or by an injustice done to them....that's when they'll wake up.

  • smiddy

    Sooner or later the GB wil change the 1914 teaching or at least revise it ,and the JW`s would just go along with it. Why ? because major changes have occured before and the majority just accept it.

    EG; The End didn`t arrive in 1914 like they predicted

    The faithful men of old werent resurrected in 1925 as they predicted

    The 6000 years of human history was first thought to have occured in the late 18th century and then was revised to end in 1975 ,with the start of JC millenial reign was to begin .It didnt happen of course.

    The end of the system of things and Armageddon was going to happen before the end of the 20th Century it didnt happen .

    All of the anointed were supposed to be dying off as the years got closer to the end ,and what do we see? their numbers are increasing every year.

    The ludicrous teaching of an overlapping generation of Jesus prophecy .

    All of these failed predictions have meant a change in core doctrines that was taught as the "TRUTH" and if you didnt accept them at the time you would have been disfellowshiped

    The majority of witness have gone along with these changes without batting an eyelid.

    I have only touched the surface of previous changes their were many more.

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