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  • Rattigan350

    I heard on the meeting about apps called NWPublisher and Cartsmart

    New World Publisher (NW Publisher) is a free Apple iOS and Google Android app created by Jehovah’s Witnesses for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Congregation publishers can install New World Publisher on their mobile devices and be more united and connected with their congregation.

    CartSmart was built to streamline the way we schedule our public witnessing shifts. It's goal is to provide the congregation with a hassle free way of finding and scheduling their shifts for public witnessing, and to give the servant body an easy way to let the congregation know what is available, and to simplify the scheduling process.

    Jehovah help us all. This religion is not what we've grown up in is totally unrecognizable.

  • enoughisenough

    Years ago, a sister had come up with a webpage for those of us who could do the cart work, There was a calendar you filled out as to the time slot you wanted during the month and who would be at the cart with you.

  • skin

    At this stage i havnt heard of any local witnesses using these apps, the go to app used here is "what's app". And that covers everything they seem to need.

    I have just installed New World Publisher (NW Publisher) to take a look. First thing it asks for is a congregation ID and pin, and if you don't know it, contact the local elders to get it. Are these IDs and pins something JW.org use? I'm sure if I was to ask a local elder for the likes of these codes, they would not know them and ask why I wanting them? If I tell them i want to install New World Publisher (NW Publisher) app, I would be quickly questioned over what that app is and what I was doing.

    I have uninstalled this app, unless someone knows some ids and pins?

  • Drearyweather

    Its an app created by a team of JW's, but not affiliated with the organization itself. Many congregation elders use it as it makes it easy to create schedules tabulate reports and manage territory records. I have used it myself and have encouraged many congregations to do so.

    Jehovah help us all. This religion is not what we've grown up in is totally unrecognizable.

    why? You preferred the old way of using paper records and excel sheets to do the work? If you have younger elders, they would obviously prefer this app over paper records.

    I have uninstalled this app, unless someone knows some ids and pins?

    These ID's and pins would be available only if your elders decided to use the app for your congregation. My congregation BOE uses this app and had sent the ID's and PINs to congregation members to join in the app. When I was the secretary, the app saved 90% of my time as it auto-generated student assignments based on the assigment history and generated slips and automatically sent it to the student's whatsapp and email ID's.

  • jehovaxx

    My congregation also uses New World schedule. All publishers were given the cong ID and Pin. If you are on the school you get given automatic reminders weeks before and then again one week before.

    It makes the elders job much easier as AI seems to do everything, the app seems to decide who has which item based on how long ago you last had it, so everyone on the school has the same amount. Only minimal human input to swap things around occasionally and then everyone can see the changes straight away. Only Elders have admin privileges

    Someone once said it’s not a good idea because you can be an island, you never need to go to the hall to check notice board or any information as everything is on the app.

    It seems this is the way things are going, you only need to go to in person a few times per year, you can even give your parts from home on zoom.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Our congregation implemented this some time back. We had a Local Needs to explain all about it. My concern is how secure are people's personal data and is this registered (if needed) with the GDPR.


  • Gorb

    I once heard about a Watchtower Information System at headquarters with all JW's registred with an unique number.


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Here it's used, complete with broken links. Letters, reports etc are not posted for long. A real person had to tell it about my beard. A fear that now I will be again given 3rd grade reading lessons.

    It shows assignments, but not the material to "research"

  • ElderBerry

    Ours shows everything even the material to be covered, just what is in the workbook.

    All letters announcements and everything going on in the congregation is there.

    Its as if we are all being set up for a time when we don’t need to go to go to the hall at all.

  • truthlover123

    I know in this area they are using WhatsApp. I did not download it. Interesting we all have pins - although a friend who previously made donations by cheque got letters back with specific personal number for the donation. I do not give, so did not know about it until I was shown the letter.

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