So, two JW men knock on our door tonight at about 8pm

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Lets call this what it is. Its busy work.

    Its now 7,500 hours spent to get one new member (gross), while 35-40% of the baptismal number each year die, leave, or are disfellowshipped (no longer counted as publishers)

    So this is an hours booster. Anyone can do it. Service is now easy! Hand a tract. Sit by a cart. Seriously.....pretty much nothing to do. Since only 5% or so of JW's can explain their beliefs, making things hard for everyone isn't going to make that go up. So let them do the heavy lifting, and the rest of the slugs get the tract and cart work.

    Lets be they really want new people showing up to THIS convention? I doubt it.

  • wifibandit


    A friend got a Spanish tract for an assembly in San Antonio. She's in Round Rock, north of Austin.

    Ha ha ha! Not even the right location. Round Rock will be going to Belton.

  • Vidiot

    Bluesbrother - "My wife was told not to stop and engage the H/H in conversation....just thrust the invite in his hand after the briefest preamble."

    Drive-by witnessing, huh? They must be more scared of running into XJWs than we thought. :smirk:

    When I was a JW kid, the worst thing I could imagine was calling on a schoolmate in the door-to-door ministry, but these days, the (much scarier) adult equivalent is the prospect of knocking on an "apostate's" door.

    Viewing the door-to-door ministry as crucial yet dreading it at the same time has to be one of the more anxiety-ridden aspects of being a JW.

    Bluesbrother - "...Hell, a 10 year old could do that..."

    Well, since most JW loyalists have the comprehension skills of a 10-year-old... :smirk:

  • stillin

    What problem addict said. It's an hours booster for the congregation. It's easy service time. They get the ones out into service that are lagging in their time and everybody gets to feel like they are doing the lord's work, because the lord told them to invite people to conventions...didn't he?

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