2015-10-26 BOE Re: Video Equipment in Kingdom Halls

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  • menrov

    First the letter says: Therefore, if the bodies of elders using a Kingdom Hall determine that the congregations can afford video equipment,

    and if the cong cannot afford, it says:

    If your congregation is not in a position to acquire the necessary equipment, be assured that the spiritual needs of the congregation will still be satisfied without such equipment, as has been the case until now.—w14 8/15 pp. 3-5.

    Or in other words, do not count on the org to provide you one. OK, we own your hall, we own your faith, we own your eternal life but hey, we cannot also give you money to acquire the equipment.....

  • WingCommander

    So let me get this straight; the LDC has to dictate where to buy (2) TV monitors that will go on each side of the stage, at a cost of THOUSANDS of dollars? Someone is making money off this command. How so? Because WT could easily work out some deal to buy BULK quantity of standard 60" LED TV's at a cost of probably $350.00 a piece. Seriously. I've seen them on special for like $450 or so with the holidays. The only ones costing thousands of dollars a piece are the 70" LED Ultra4k HD ones, or ones that are "curved".

    Like everything else in this MLM, what a freakin' scam!!

  • pixel

    "It is preferred that video displays show a black screen until the video is played and return to a black screen afterward"

    WTF? These people are obsess with micro managing.

  • StarTrekAngel
    Yeah.. wait until the CO comes around and sees no video equipment. Resolutions to purchase it anyway will come around soon after the visit
  • NotBlind

    What ticks me off about the letter the most is that the local congregation just spent well over a thousand bucks almost exactly a year ago getting the projector and screen installed at the front of the hall, per the order of the RBC -- just about the same time as most of the congs in the USA installed their equipment, so they could watch TightPants Tony go on his hour-long rant.

    Now, a year later, they want the R&F to foot the bill for getting the screen & projector moved from very spot they wanted it in the first place.

    Talk about a group of high-control freaks!

    I hope the LDC moves faster on approving video systems than they do building KH's. Because otherwise there might be 3 video systems approved for installation NATIONWIDE over the course of a year.

  • wifibandit
  • Oubliette

    Dig a ditch!

    Why is there a hole here? Fill it up!

    I thought I told you to dig a ditch!!!

  • truthlover

    That's the scam... Buy 2 large screen tvs - send the old one to a place in Africa -- I wont name it in case this hall is the only one sending it there... the new set up will cost several thousand dollars.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    This is just getting ''nuttier and nuttier''. I FREAKIN love it!!

    So, by the congregations instructed to leave ''no more than $5000.00 in their accounts, this will almost but clean them out per se.

    This is just amazing. wow!! Craziness!!

    Having to have minimal banking account to watch these guys on TV, at a KH. Probably talking about money(about giving Jah, valuable things)

  • OneFingerSalute

    Locally the congregation voted to spend one thousand dollars for a KH computer. Then just a few months later were quilted into basically sh-t canning it (sold it to a brother) for pennies on the dollar so they could buy the latest, greatest, shiniest new gadget to show their 1984 governing body TV videos. Now they are agitating to get rid of that and "upgrade".

    Meanwhile the monthly account report shows the congregation cash flow is in the red by about 30% every month, and local needs keeps yammering on about "give more". . .!!

    I give nothing anymore.

    Probably talking about money(about giving Jah, valuable things)

    Just last night, again, as a matter of fact.

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