Has anybody experienced a judicial committee in a private venue?

by Chook 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Hecce

    Private or not, just don't go.

  • just fine
    just fine

    For the past almost 20 years I have just refused to engage anything JW related. It is hard, but why even waste my time getting into a discussion that has no merit and certainly no bearing on my life. Everything the JWs have to offer is based on lies. The fact that they passionately believe the lies is of no consequence. Just walk away, no time, very busy, goodbye.

  • Chook

    I've got the feeling that the elders may want a dead chicken, the laws in my country doesn't allow recording of private conversations, but if it's on my property I think the laws are different. I will never set foot in their church but if I'm " invited " to a linching I would like to show the world what a circus their North Korean style Judical committee is. It's not that I will give them power, I just want to do what big kimmy did put them in the arena and fire the anti aircraft missiles.

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