New Apostasy Trial on YouTube

by Listener 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • moomanchu

    Great job staying calm.

    I consider talking to JW's as almost a form of torture.

  • bradford
    Vanderhoven7an hour ago
    I miss the marking talks, those were the best meetings. Who the hell are they talking about?
    Sorry, I know off topic, but that's what that made me think of.

  • Vidiot

    "We are watching this video at a Community College, the students now fully understand what a cult is. To their surprise, they can't believe how corrupt these men from the Watchtower are. Thanks for posting this video, you just helped 32 students stay away from the Watchtower. Plus they will be telling their families how dangerous they are."

    God bless the Information Age.

  • moomanchu

    1:06:34 through 1:07:10 is a must listen part.

    Is this a new angle elders have been taught to accuse ex JW's and to excuse the organization?

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