New Apostasy Trial on YouTube

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  • wannaexit

    The elder that said the "faithful an discreet slave class" sure isn't keeping up with "present truth"

    I want to shout to him and say : get with the game buddy. Your leaders dropped the "class" thing. There is not more faithful and discreet slave CLASS. Your fearless leaders eliminated that.

    Great Job Son of Thunder and thanks to Listener for sharing this.

  • arwen
    Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Listener

    It's a pleasure Arwen and Wannaexit, Son of Thunder did a tremendous job, he's going through some personal hardships but made the extra effort in the hope that others might benefit.

    The more these hearings are recorded and shared the more it exposes both TTATT and mindset of Elders.

  • MarkofCane

    There is no point in trying to reason with those in the organization, especially Elders. You would have more success finding the cure for cancer with a sharp stick and a bandage then reasoning with them.


  • Vidiot
    Even if videos like this don't wake up still-ins, they do a good job immunizing curious potentials from converting.
  • Watchtower-Free

    Great new comment on this vid on YOUTUBE


    We are watching this video at a Community College, the students now fully understand what a cult is. To their surprise, they can't believe how corrupt these men from the Watchtower are. Thanks for posting this video, you just helped 32 students stay away from the Watchtower. Plus they will be telling their families how dangerous they are."
  • Crazyguy

    Why did he not just da after instead of allowing them to df him?

  • theliberator
    So the real question is, What would convince those elders that this organization is not God's?Let's analyze. Children raped- Jehovah sees all and he will fix things. GB member lies- even if he did, don't you think Jehovah will take care of it? Investing in war machines- Never seen that but Jehovah will straighten that out if it is true.Ummm.....Elders silenced when he said that they don't even believe the overlapping generation doctrine. Oh yeah, I forgot, that probably is another lie, but wait on Jehovah and he will fix it in his due time. This video is embarrassing to me. Just a few years ago I would of spewed out that crap. I got to feel sorry for them. They are truly victims.
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    What Now?
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