irrefutable proof of the great apostasy that corrupted the catholic church

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    Thank you all for some thoughtful answers.

    So far the consensus is that there never was a great apostasy from the universal church.

    No proof what so ever, correct?


  • sir82

    No proof what so ever, correct?


    From the very beginning (first century) there were multiple "flavors" of Christianity. One eventually became dominant, the Roman Catholic church, but that took centuries. And history is written by the victors.

    For a good basic introduction to the melange of Christian belief in the first & 2nd centuries, read "Lost Christianities" by Bart Ehrman.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Thats true, but dont forget the two witnesses we have for the great apostasy:

    1. The ugly baby called Christendom, who was born about 100 CE, shortly after John died, who grew up in an atmosphere of falling back to paganism, amusing oneself, wargames, greek philospohy, and a divine sage of a God that had 3 heads and who didnt want to be called Jehovah.

    2.The missing link: there were no christians with the right attitude anymore, no anointed blessed with enough holy spirit to take the faithful lead, after 100 CE. cause there were only name christians, professing christians, charlatans after 100 CE.. who missed the right attitude how Splane explained.

    Until Constantine the baby was old enough to fully apostate and to destroy any evidence of true worship that ever existed. In consequence all original bibles of the anointed were burned by politicians that harloted with priests. So the way was open for thousands of years of apostasy until 1919 the apostasy was stopped by a group of guys who liked alcohol much and discovered the original texts and customs


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Thewonderofyou, I am curious how you can meaningfully use the expression "true worship"? By saying this you imply it must have existed. Could you explain what it was please?

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