JW property shaped in demonic images for the Demon princes?

by WildSteve 13 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • sir82

    What is the possible reasons why the organisation designed it like this?

    Bilderbegers. Masons. Alien grays. Deep state pedophile rings. Black helicopters. Take your pick.

  • TD

    How much of that property belongs to the JW's?

    Was the parcel already triangular before the JW's acquired it?

    Was Resendalvej road paved by the JW's or by the city of Silkborg?

    Does the alleged symbology even have any traction in Danish culture?

  • WildSteve

    The largest question is did the borg design it like that, or did they buy it not knowing what it looked like from the air?

    If they did buy it already looking like that, then why did they not get rid of it now they know?

    There is going to be an international convention at this demonic site in 2019, surely they cant say they didnt know?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Was the building design by jws or did they buy it already built?

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