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  • punkofnice
    I was in a different city this weekend so I decided to natter to 2 bored jws on the apathy trolley.
    I just nattered, nothing thought provoking or anti witness. I was waiting for someone so hard time to spare.
    What struck me was, that no matter how many times I said that I don't believe in God, they spoke to me as if I did. They kept asking me how God would feel about stuff. Time and time again I replied, 'he doesn't feel because he doesn't exist.' They asked what I thought the meaning of life was or the point of life, I said there doesn't have to be a meaning to life. I received the deer in the headlights look from them.
    I got an awake which asked questions about how well do you know jws? The questions were all truecor false answers. Looking at the questions and the true or false answers it was obvious that's true and false just didn't cut it most of the answers needed a third option not a black and white true or false answer it was obvious to me that the Watchtower corporation is playing tricks and being intellectually dishonest
    Their thinking was very black and white...was I like that once?

  • slimboyfat
  • punkofnice
    And 😁
  • TheOldHippie

    was I like that once?

    You definitely are NOW.

  • punkofnice
    And? Blooming spellchecker .... I meant s b f πŸ˜€And it won't let me edit on this tablet....
  • punkofnice
    Good morning old hippie, and how are you today?Now? Nah, you got the wrong bloke πŸ˜€
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Come on, we were all robotic drones.

    Just get the WTBTS message over to the worldly punters. Don't listen to what they say after all they are mere worldly ideas; trample on their well considered thoughts, just blast out the kingdom hope.

    We had taken leave of our senses because it was jolly good fun to preach alongside our fellow zombies "death to the world and we're all going to paradise". La la la I can't hear you...we're all going to paradise.

    The insanity of it all...................... oh! the shame................

  • galaxie

    Hi punk.. my last 'trolley chat' involved creative days, I like to have a specific question and on approach I asked directly " how long is a creative day ?" The younger guy poss' mid thirties said " I don't know but its not a literal day" I then asked the woman looked like she was mid fifties, she said I dont know but its not six 24 hr days. I said you know the jws once believed they were 7000 yrs and this was taught as 'truth' the young guy said maybe so but the truth can change, so I said so the literature you are offering myself and the public may contain information which you now consider to be true , yet may in the future be seen as untrue therefore why should anyone trust this information. At this point the woman who was closest to me asked the young guy if she could stand where he was therefore swapping positions !!??she definately seemed very uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going. Surprisingly the guy then said " look I do know about where your going with the creative days but I'm not here to discuss that subject" I said why are you here are you preaching the good news but avoiding home truths about your ever changing beliefs did you not say to my initial question you did not know how long a creative day was my point being by asking you that specific question highighlights the many many beliefs the jws have had which were once taught as God's spirit directed truths and that what you are expecting people to believe now through this literature will in all possibility by many precedents be seen in the future to be false. I left them with that thought.

    Best wishes

  • Dunning-Kruger

    One thing that I have noticed is that Witnesses are quite good at coming up with expressions that might stumble another sort of Christian out of their faith and into Watchtower, but they are pretty lame at intellectually engaging with atheists. Or Muslims or Hindus, for that matter.

    It seems to me that if you don't or no longer believe the bible is inspired, you are pretty immune to their "bag of tricks", like the ones described by the OP.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The Organisation is aware of Apostates calling trolley carts the " Apathy Trolly" and in the March 1st watchtower, page 15 you will read this gem.

    " Apathy is one of the characteristic responces of any non-believer, when ( IT) is subjected to stimuli too intense or too complicated to cope with. The cure for apathy is not our indifference when standing at our Trolly, because as Jehovers Witnesses we know the world is evil and this is our way of dealing with non-believers until Jehover approves our success by anniliating these non believing creatures at Armageddon":-)

    The Rebel.

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