Are Jehovah's Witnesses subtly directing the brothers to have homes with attics?

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  • smiddy3

    Why doesn`t Jehovah just instruct the GB to look at what he did for the faithful in Exodus ? put a sign on the doorposts and the Angels will protect you during the GT .

    No need for attics or basements ,its not rocket science .

  • zachias

    smiddy 3, you have done it again.

  • zachias

    My initial reaction; which way does fire go?

    and, what about them who dont not have attics/ As most jw are in s*** jobs due to reliquishing the best their society could offer them, well, they cant afford a house with eith attic or basement.

    Perhaps the gb are pushing for these to make a series of rabbit holes for them to use when the military boot them out of the NY palace.?

  • truth_b_known

    I thought such actions as hiding your faith showed a lack of trust in Jehovah. Daniel prayed in public even though he knew he would be arrested and executed. Daniel was thrown into the lions den and an angel protected him for his faith. Bunkers and attic hiding are a bit of a Freudian slip for "This is a cult and nothing more."

  • Overrated

    Just what JW's are trained to do. When tough questions come or situations, run and hide in a bunker or attic. An where is this all powerful, all knowing Gee-hober?

    Missing in Action as usual.

  • LongHairGal


    Good observation about actually having to possess a home in the first place in order to ‘hide’ in an attic or basement.🙄

    Too many JWs are low-income or living on the edge because they followed the religion’s dictates not to get college/careers. How can they afford a house? Answer: They can’t. Even somebody who inherits a home needs a decent income in order to pay taxes, upkeep and other expenses..The religion is showing an image of suburban prosperity that people can’t have nowadays unless they have a decent paying job or career - something the religion discourages.

    If they are hinting that all the JWs in a particular area are going over the house of ‘Brother Responsible-Who-Got-A-Career’, well I feel sorry for that Brother. Believe me, in a ‘Shit Hits The Fan’ situation I would Never want to be around anybody but immediate family!

  • truthlover123

    Sorry mine has blown in insulation

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