I found my wifes new blood card

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  • Steel

    Something I find kind of funny while researching the subject is there is an old blood card that goes into much more detail about rights and fractions and such.

    It had a section about childbirth and mothers rights over the fetus and actually sited a Planned Parenthood ruling.

    My jaw just dropped.

    The only true religion sited a court case by the world biggest abortion provider just sited Planned Parent.

    Unfreaking believable

    I really wish I could find it again.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    A JW couple I know well, the wife diagnosis with breast cancer and only a few months to live. She told her doctor all decisions in regards to her care be made by her youngest son. Her husband an elder had no input in her medical treatment. How was that possible, isn't that against the law to take away the Husband authority when the wife is unable to make decisions??? I may add this, the husband was known for abusing his wife and children,

    but still is this lawful. If my wife was in a accident and rushed to the emergency, who will they call. They will call the next of kin if they don't want a law-suit...What brother would be ok with that, they must contact me before contacting your husband..WTH

  • Finkelstein

    how pissed off I am that in the event of accident or injury that this man would get a phone call before me.

    This isn't exactly what the card or the name on the card means or pertains to, it just gives information toward a contact for doctors to refer to when a BT is suggested.

    Your wife is under no legal obligation to contact this JW prior to your own notification.

    Yes the no BTS for JWS is a farcical mix up by poor scriptural interpretation and understanding, even the most ardent Orthodox Jews accept BTS and its their religious law which was originally established as a dietary law regarding the sacredness of blood within their beliefs.

  • rebelfighter

    James Mixon,

    Never a JW but technically I am legally married but legally separated. All my medical files do specify that my son and daughter are to make all medical decisions on my behalf and absolutely no medical information is to be shared with my husband.

  • SafeAtHome

    All good suggestions here, especially seeking legal advice. If you do address the situation with the "brother" who signed the card, you may also want to mention that since he will be making all the medical decisions he will also be responsible for the medical bills as well as all funeral expenses.💰

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    rebelfighter: I understand your situation and I would do the same. I guess my question on medical files, can one specify that all medical decisions be made by an elder and not your mate?????If so like SafeAHome stated , "will he be responsible for medical bills as well as all funeral expenses". I have instruction in my wallet in case of a emergency contact the names in this list. There was a period when I would pass out (sometimes for 8hrs.), but I was ok, anxiety attacks and PTSD....My JW family members told me I need to come back to Jehovah, that's why I'am having those attack.LOL I realize a long time ago, make sure in case of a emergency they contact the right folks. A JW family member, hell no.

  • Nevuela

    Here's something I've been curious about but afraid to ask my "anointed" roommate because I'm sick of listening to her back up her psychotic religion:

    How does one get a blood card in the first place? Do the elders go around giving them out to everyone in the congregation? Or do they just ask random people if they have one, and if they don't, make sure to give them one ASAP? Or are you given one the day you get baptized? The latter seems unlikely because that would leave unbaptized children susceptible to receiving blood. I'm just wondering at what particular point, if any, a JW receives a blood card, and/or if it is simply pushed on them by the elders.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Steel » Having power of attorney over another man's wife really seems to be personally and legally crossing a line. I am actually talking to a lawyer next week about estate planning and getting our wills done. God knows whatever else they are involved in my life.

    In my view it's crossing a HUGE line. Have you considered taking it up with the elder, himself?

    It's bad enough that these men, appointed by the Society, are so influential in the members' homes and families that they can (and do) divide them. In this case, however, it's difficult to tell what happened. If your wife went to the elder and complained that, in a medical emergency, she could not rely on you to reject the administration of blood in her behalf, he might have volunteered to be her contact.

    On the other hand, if you're no longer a believer, what would she do if you were unconscious and needed blood? In some sense you can't trust her, either. It's entirely possible she went to the elder because she couldn't trust what you'd do. Or it's possible the elder inserted himself into the situation because he didn't trust you.

    Before you proceed, you really need to find out what happened. You may be able to talk to the elder directly and discuss the possibility of rearranging his nose if he didn't find somewhere else to stick it. But if wifey went to him, then you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with her and discuss what you both want in the case of an emergency.

    When God forbade the drinking of blood in the Old Testament, there were no medical uses for blood. He could not have made the exception at the time. So if He were willing to make an exception for the medical uses of blood, how would anyone know? According to the Governing Body, the Lord no longer speaks to man. His lips are sealed. Thus it should be a private matter unless the GB says Jehovah appeared to them and gave them further light. As it is, their exegesis is so unbelievably bad that it should shame the entire organization.

  • zeb

    there was most likely a session on cards in the midweek meeting and everyone was issued. But having anyone sign over and above you sux. In this case if she were to die the elder/s concerned would duck and run as the wts would not back them. "It was your personal decision.." etc as they did with Malawi et al.

  • smiddy

    Elders have no qualms about advising a spouse to go behind there mates back , tell the Elder concerned that if anything did go wrong in a medical situation with your wife ,he would the first one you would sue ,scare the crap out of him.

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