The Watchtower—Study Edition | May 2023

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    The Watchtower—Study Edition | May 2023

    May 2023


    How Jehovah Answers Our Prayers

    14 A sister named Soo Hing felt that Jehovah helped her by means of her doctor. Her son suffers from several mental health problems. When he was involved in a terrible accident, she and her husband resigned from their work to care for him. As a result, they had financial problems. Soo Hing said that she felt like a rubber band that was stretched to the limit. She poured out her heart to Jehovah, asking him for help. The consulting doctor took an interest in their case. This led to their receiving government assistance and an affordable place to live. Afterward, Soo Hing said: “We saw Jehovah’s hand in this matter. He truly is the ‘Hearer of prayer.’”​—Ps. 65:2.

    Soo Hing and her husband have financial problems. ( who doesn't?) She prays to Jehovah for help. Jehovah answers her prayers by having the consulting doctor take an interest in her case. They receive government assistance and an affordable place to live.

    Jehovah answers their simple prayer.

    7 We may need to change what we pray for as we discern Jehovah’s will more clearly. Consider the example of Martin Poetzinger. Soon after getting married, Brother Poetzinger was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp. At first, he asked Jehovah to let him out of the concentration camp so that he could care for his wife and resume his preaching work. However, after two weeks, he saw no indication that Jehovah was opening the way for him to leave. So he began praying: “Jehovah, please show me what you want me to do.” He then began to think about what the other brothers in the camp were going through. Many of them were very worried about their own wife and children. Brother Poetzinger then prayed: “Jehovah, thank you for my new assignment. Help me to strengthen and encourage my brothers.” He spent the next nine years in the camps doing exactly that!

    Martin Poetzinger prays to Jehovah for his release from a ''CONCENTRATION CAMP.''

    Does Jehovah hear Martin's prayers and release Martin from a brutal Nazi concentration camp? NOPE!

    Jehovah has Martin spending nine years in the concentration camp, with the happy assignment of strengthening and encouraging the brothers, instead of caring for his wife and be a free man!

  • FedUpJW

    I've come to the conclusion that prayer does NOT work. 99% of the time over the last few years that I actively prayed I found that if I prayed for a positive good outcome the exact opposite happened. The more I prayed the worse things went, so I finally decided that given the fact that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result, and that I do not consider myself insane I quit paying. Things got better.

  • blondie

    The WTS position on whose prayers the jw god hears, is never definitely stated in the publications. 1) Does god hear the prayers of non-jws? 2) Cornelius was a Gentile, the bible says his prayer was heard, in fact the account says that Peter was directed to go to Cornelius, based on that prayer and Peter resisted 3) he was directed to do so 3x before Peter went 3) Cornelius and his family were baptized before having holy spirit come down on them 4) does god hear the prayers of df'd jws? or not until the elders decide they are qualified 5) does god hear the prayers of people who identify as Christians but are not jws 6) I have a lot of questions, but the WTS does a dance around this every time. To me the WTS/GB/elders places themselves in this order of who hears prayers, God-Jesus-Governing Body-Elders. Who decides what is a proper prayer, certainly not men on earth. Well, just my questions from days gone by, and that still remain. (and the WTS/GB says they don't pray to Jesus only God but those prayers have to go through Jesus.!!!Is there an organizational chart available for the Jehovah's Witness  organization? - Quora

  • hoser

    Did Jehovah help soo hing or did the taxpayers of the country she resides in?

    It certainly wasn’t Jehovahs earthly organization because they fight tooth and nail to avoid paying taxes but are quick to send their members to collect benefits and give the credit to their sky daddy.

    Sick bastards

  • WTWizard

    Then what good does it do to pray to that thing? Just so joke-hova can use you up any way it chooses, and doesn't give a **** how you feel about it. Instead of being able to produce anything for yourself or leave anything good behind, you waste your life spreading a worthless message that, unless you give up everything, you will be destroyed.

    Do the jokehovians do anything useful? They pray for joke-hova to clean up the earth, yet they waste resources (polluting in the process, putting plastics in the ocean and carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air) in field circus. They pray to that abomination for a paradise on earth. Yet, how many jokehovians as much as clean up a single piece of plastic on public land? When is the last time they have spent an afternoon cutting down the Chinese or Japanese wisteria, porcelain berry, kudzu, oriental bittersweet, bamboo, and whatever invasive species are along the side of the road? Or planting native trees and bushes that would help the environment?

    Or, is joke-hova really going to do anything? Rather that thing wants us to be miserable, and obviously it will not answer prayers for personal fulfillment, even if such would help humanity and/or the environment. Just keep following that beady-eyed monster thing, and blindly trust it. You will simply be enslaved, and you will have done nothing. In the meantime, that beady-eyed monster thing will simply use those invasive vines (and yes, poison ivy and ragweed for those in Europe or Asia) to choke off native vegetation, further ruining the environment--that you prayed for it to fix?

  • Gorb

    What can I say? WT study, a waste of time.


  • nowwhat?

    I would like to think prayer can help bring comfort. But that's it. There are no miracles, no Jehovah's hand, no intervening on an individual's behalf!

  • fastJehu
    I would like to think prayer can help bring comfort. But that's it. There are no miracles, no Jehovah's hand, no intervening on an individual's behalf!

    I would like to ask the posting member who gave a dislike on nowwhat? post:

    If you brought to a hospital ( where you very sick and needed urgent medical care ), would you prefer:

    a : a room where you, your family and minister prayed for God's medical intervention, left you without the care of nurses, doctors or medical equipment

    b: a room where medical care was provided by nurses, doctors and medical equipment

  • Atlantis

    Please keep in mind that Watchtower literature is full of "false" experiences. This problem got so bad that the Watchtower had to write a letter requesting for accuracy when giving experiences.

    The experiences above, which mention "praying for Jehovah's help" could be nothing more than experiences that were totally false.

    False Experiences in Watchtower Literature.


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