Will the Watchtower Corporation continue to lie and deceive just to sustain itself into the future ?

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  • venus

    1) A nation believes that they are God’s chosen people and rest of the world is pagan. When the history unfolds, the so-called chosen people go under occupation by the so-called pagans. From this theological crisis, a new theology of a messiah (who would restore everything) is evolved.

    2) When the Messiah did arrive, no restoration took place; rather Messiah himself was murdered. From this evolved another teaching that it was God’s will that Messiah should be murdered by sinners so that sinners can seek forgiveness on the basis of such a death.

    3) Even about specific subject you can see such evolution. For example, resurrection of Jesus. Mark was written first, and he’s hardly got anything about the resurrection; Matthew comes next with little more information; and then toward the end of the century we get Luke and John, and then and only then do we find stories about Jesus eating broiled fish, cooking breakfast by the shore, inviting Thomas to touch him, and so on..And finally book of Acts saying about 40-day works of resurrected Jesus

    Since Bible itself sets the precedent for theological evolution, JWs would not have any problem in changing according to the time.

  • Finkelstein

    What you can see with the WTS is that they were capable of creating theological bullshit and make it look viable truthful and appealing.

    They always knew no one could govern over them and call them out, there was no governing regulator who looked over the WTS's doctrines and said they couldn't or shouldn't say or do that.

    That's the thing about the freedom of religion or free expressive charlatanism, there is no protection offered toward the public to make these religious charlatans responsible for their actions or to what they preach, even through their freely distributed published literature.

    The WTS knew that a long time ago.

  • smiddy3

    Every time they have proclaimed "New Light" they have lied to cover up mistakes/errors they have made .It has worked for them for so long in the past so why would they change it now.?

    So yes they will continue to lie using the same ploy of "New Light" to cover future errors/mistakes that they will undoubtedly make.

  • Vidiot

    Does a bear shit in the woods?

  • sparrowdown

    If a bear shits in the woods and nobody is there to smell it, did it really happen?

  • ttdtt

    Apparently, there are still people (on this site even - which makes me very sad) that believe the earth is flat.

    There 7 billion people on the very spherical earth, and that means there will be a % of people who will believe anything.

    The WT has found its share of that pie, and it will continue to get its slice.

    Now it probably will dwindle as time goes on, but as mentioned, there are still people who believe the earth is flat :(

  • sparrowdown

    Corporations do what they have to survive.

    Something to keep in mind: It's not "lying" if you are a religion.

  • EverApostate
    In other words preaching the Gospel of the Watchtower Corporation was not the true Gospel by Jesus and his instructions written in the bible

    Jesus is mythical. May be some parts of Jesus story may be true. All miracles and stuff are made up.

    In that context, any Christendom religion would try to manipulate its adherents and lie to survive. Not only WT

  • Finkelstein

    It's not "lying" if you are a religion.

    Good point Sparrow

    Religions are made upon an organized agreement to a set of lies

  • joe134cd

    I look at the example of the mormon church. Generally speaking the lds has been years ahead of implementing change to watchtower. Recently the church released a series of essays informing of the more unsavory aspects of church history. Up until recently no one in the lds would of thought this happening. The church was forced to do it answer to the internet. The Wt may be a few years off but eventually it will happen. Either the info comes from them or comes from an outside source who may not be so diplomatic in how they tell it.

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