Will the Watchtower Corporation continue to lie and deceive just to sustain itself into the future ?

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  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has been selling and promoting Christ's return and the end times since the late 1800's, right through all of the 20th century and still continues today on the same core doctrinal premise.

    1914 was set as a year of Christ taking position upon his heavenly throne followed by choosing the WTS as his earthly guided organization in 1919 according to the WTS. leaders at that time.

    The actual truth is that the WTS is a publishing house and it was inherently pressed to make up doctrines which would gravitate attention to its published goods, accurate and honest bible interpretation was a second lesser concern.

    The original heads of this religious publishing house (C T Russell) first proclaimed that Christ had returned in 1874 and 1914 was going to be the year Jesus was going to cleanse the earth of all wickedness etc.

    This was obviously a false doctrine tainted with ignorance and a bit of commercialization in reality.

    So the question remains what will the WTS do in the future, what will the WTS do as far as doctrines to allure the general public at large ?

    Will it continue to proclaim that mankind is living in the last days and Armageddon is imminently soon ?

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has always taken upon itself to exploit the public's ignorance from a theological perspective and secular knowledge as well. Exploiting world events such as wars, earthquakes, famine and all the other signs of the end times to support that indeed mankind living in the end times prophesied in the bible.

    Stirring up fear and speculation was the engaging endeavor and one could rightfully say it worked being that there are a lot of people who believe in the bible as being holy, sacred and truthful.

    The WTS interpretations may have have stirred up fear and speculation of what was happening in are times but it was wrought with pure ignorance for these world events occurred at the actual times those prophetic words were written and even more so histrionically.

    All these proclamations made by the WTS were substantiated because the WTS leaders said that god had chosen their(them) organization so they must have been viable and correct.

    Well the real truth is another story.

    The JWS religion was really constructed by the leaders of the WTS to support the publishing activity and the doctrines that were created were all in support of the continuing proliferation of the WTS's own publications.

    In other words preaching the Gospel of the Watchtower Corporation was not the true Gospel by Jesus and his instructions written in the bible.

    JWs were therefore never loyal or subservient to Jehovah or Jesus for that matter, they were instead loyal and subservient to the tainted and corrupt acts of charlatanism by the Watchtower Corporation, a man made organization.

    There are some JWS today that are starting to awaken to that very fact.

  • scratchme1010
    Will the Watchtower Corporation continue to lie and deceive just to sustain itself into the future ?


  • Phizzy

    To answer your Thread Title, of course they will continue to lie and deceive, what alternative do they have ?

    They may for pragmatic reasons change some policies, such reasons only being considered because their Profits are being affected, but they will continue with the lies that they are "Spirit Directed" and " God's Channel" , and with the deception that the GB and their puppet-masters actually care about the average JW.

    As I said, what alternative do they have ? that would not immediately cause their collapse ?

  • Finkelstein

    Its been suggested that the WTS might try to reform itself from being a highly controlling religion to one that is less.

    Such as making some doctrines personal conscious matters like birthdays celebrations, blood transfusions, participating in other secular holiday celebrations, perhaps even turning down or eliminating Dfing, accept upon extreme conditions.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I suspect that behind the facade of the GB, there are psychopaths or at least sociopaths involved in making the decisions. Having a boss that is most likely the psycho, I've found that no matter what lies he's told, he continues to do so, even if he gets caught once in awhile. He doesn't care about anyones health or mental stress he causes with his enormous greed combined with his insecurity. (how lucky are we that this boss hired someone like him - now we have to cope with two)

    Considering the 2 witness rule that is plainly bad for honest people and a help for the dishonest, blood rules and give us money till you have none mentality, there is no chance that there won't be more lies and manipulation. Even if it makes no sense.

  • sparrowdown

    I have thought for some time now that they will have to eventually water down their stance on several things but to avoid spooking the herd they will do it like they introduce any change: slowly, incrementally and quietly. Then, act as if it was always that way.

    In the meantime until the final version of the jwbotborg tele evangelism show is here ( drumroll ta da) they willl continue to mislead and confound members and apostates alike with confusing contradictory information and doublespeak IOW they will continue to do what they do best - lie.

  • Finkelstein

    Unfortunately I think your right Days , a true sociopath follows through on their objectives with apathetic concern for others, the me first agenda is paramount and when its realized the WTS is money supported by outsiders and there many who live off the WTS such as the GB members, corruption will be the mainstay for this organization for the foreseeable future..

  • Finkelstein

    What is a bit alarming and surprising as well is just how the WTS deeply ingrains its doctrines into people's minds implying that Jehovah is backing them completely and unreservedly, when its quite obvious this organization is a renowned commercialized false prophet .

    ummmmm.... false prophets and supported by god too , what's wrong with this picture ?

    Just how much the WTS exploits human ignorance to serve its own means and purpose of making money and empowering a few select men, talk about a human folly with damaging causative results.

  • Crazyguy

    Well it’s worked for them so far why would they change.

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