Blondie's Comments (July 14 2019) Child Sexual Abuse Congregation Policies

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  • blondie

    road to nowhere, evidently, the secular legal system, thinks so, known in the wide community; sexual offender lists, name and location where they live, are provided to the general public; to protect children from sexual predators. Of course, those are only convicted ones. No one knows for sure who the unconvicted ones are.

  • truthlover123

    In our region, the newspaper gives a photo and write up and gives a warning that this person is predisposition to offend. An actual address is given as well

  • blondie

    truthlover123, the registries also provide the most recent picture of the offender, their mug shot.

  • stillin

    Maybe I'm naive. We were discussing child sexual abuse. I should be in no danger at my age.

    Another point is that a great many of these public database offenders may have simply been out on the town and popped behind a bush to pee, which bought them indecent exposure charges. Or some other stupid offense that results in legal charges of that nature. I know most pervs when I see them. But, sure, warn parents but don't just gossip and blow things out of proportion.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    What I found interesting was the cognitive dissonance that was taking place. The mood in the KH was very somber. The comments actually reflected some of Blondie's comments. For example, there was a big discussion about how the first thing the elders should do is call the Branch. Not in the paragraph but one of the elders went through the whole procedure. Of course, it was spun as positive. But, the same elder also said it's a crime so the victims first cal should be to the cops! I also had a few folks come to me afterward and start conversations about the various lawsuits going on and how the WTS has gotten tagged. Again all public info but not something that I've ever talked about. There was much discussion about going vigilante (before and after the meeting).

    One comment about how this obviously was prevalent even within the org and how we shouldn't trust our kids with anyone even if they are JW. Also talk about grooming and what that looks like.

    The odd thing to me was a look in people's eyes that many are admitting there is an issue for the first time.

    There was mention of how the subject was brought up to them while manning the carts! (nice job).

    Maybe, just maybe there is a crack here. Likely they will push it down for the most part but there wasn't as much protecting the borg as I would have expected.

  • Xjw csaSurvivors
    Xjw csaSurvivors

    Paragraph 16 Footnote ~ click the * at :

    "If at least two people​—the one making the accusation and someone else who can verify this act or other acts of child abuse by the accused—​establish the charge, a judicial committee is formed. *

    Footnote :

    "A child is never required to confront an alleged abuser. A parent or another trusted confidant may advise the elders of the allegation without exposing the child to further emotional harm."


    And, for a real footnote as to why and how their change of policy came about :

    "Jehovah’s Witnesses criticised over handling of child abuse case

    UK Charity Commission says victims in Manchester New Moston congregation were ‘badly let down’ by trustees"

    " The charity had improved its policies on child safeguarding since the investigation was launched, and victims are no longer forced to recount allegations in front of their abuser, the commission said, welcoming the change.

    Kathleen Hallisey, a senior solicitor at Bolt Burdon Kemp, who represents several victims of alleged abuse by members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, said: “It’s really concerning, to be complimentary, when they have produced a five-page safeguarding policy which certainly isn’t in line with current safeguarding.”

    See also :

    BBC Radio 4 :

  • blondie


    The title of the OP is

    Child Sexual Abuse Congregation Policies

    So I guess you are not under discussion unless you are a child.

    I hope you were just saying this tongue in cheek.

    (I will say this, I do wonder if the process would be the same if an adult, male or female, were treated the same as a child, raped or subjected to unwanted and unasked for sexual touching).

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