Blondie's Comments (July 14 2019) Child Sexual Abuse Congregation Policies

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  • Vidiot

    Ten bucks says that WT leaders and lawyers "in the know" went over this thing with a fine-tooth comb, and penned multiple drafts...

    ...'cause from what I can see, the twin overarching goals of downplaying the problem and deflecting responsibility are written between the lines more than damn near anything else in this document.

  • truthlover123

    Thank you once again Blondie for your in depth analysis of this horrid situation.

    As the society has most information that is going to press or public is now being proof read by a public relations firm, I would say they are scarcely scratching the surface of what is a deep rooted problem within the org. Hiding it so the publishers will believe the society is doing a really good job of protecting their children. I did not read all the article but is there somewhere in the FLock book that says the elders are to notify other parents of this pervert in the congregation???That is new as well.

    Jackson could not give straight answers at the ARC... then it has changed --NOW the one injured does NOT have to sit in a committee with the perp and can have can someone of the same gender with them....

    All the information in the article indicates they are presenting it as always being this way when it has not. They truly are being very deceptive in the wording and action taken - only after the heat came down on them.

    The society harkens back to elders letter of 1988 - they had a moral code to inform law, even if there was no law in various states and lands. This would have shown JW's to be different than other beliefs but deemed instead to cover their asses, like they still are.

    This will soothe the conscience of the congregations for some time. I would say they have achieved their objective. I will not attend the wt studies this month.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I know 3. One a sister coerced into staying with a husband, violent and a pervert. He tapped the stepdaughter

    A 20 something came into congregation. A very few were told to not let him ride in service cars (all pioneers)next to young sisters--no reason given. We later found he caused suicide of a pre teen girl in his former haunts. Naturally whrn the prohibition became known a pretty teen girl made a play for him(hormones) and got her life ruined

    A father taooing his daughter, taught her the,ropes. She taught a neighbor boy the same and got pregnant.

    None of these were handled well and we were in the dark as to the danger. The authorities(hospital)figured out the 3rd one and dealt with it

  • waton

    thank you blondie.

    In general i doubt that wt land has attracted more child abusers, --- ( There is a difference: acting pedophiles, according to scripture, "Jesus" loved (philo) children and wise versa) ---than any other group, doctors, teachers, priests, pastors.

    Wt, as an all-controlling cult was tasked to deal with crimes that were not such in bible times, hence no "spirit directed guidance"

    This iwt study outlines how the new fangled mess is playing out in wt land. Each group has it's own version.

    Enjoy the cringe session.

  • blondie

    Thanks everyone for you fine comments. I know this is a trigger for many. It took awhile before I decided to do this. Everything I have read about others experiences mirrors mine and also many others. I am working to help all victims of child sexual abuse, inside and outside the WTS. When stronger laws regarding reporting are in all 50 states in the US and in the rest of the world, then the task will be on its way. And have those laws enforced. It is fitting that the strongest laws regarding mandated reporting by clergy are in NM, where known pedophile priests were sent for "rehabilitation" by the RC, where these priests continued sexually abusing children. A largely Catholic state population!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Amen blondie, Amen. I even learned a new word. Recidivism: a tendency to relapse into a previous condition; relapse into criminal behavior. Yes it was a hard read. Brings up bad feelings. Thank you. Still Totally ADD

  • Still Totally ADD
  • SailorRiley

    Few years ago when I was a Witness two sisters from my congregation found a man that seemed interested in the "truth". Little did they know he was a convicted sexual offender and they brought him into the congregation. My family once had the "privilege" of giving supper to the elder that came from another town to do the Sunday talk and we invited few brothers and one of them brought his student of the bible to give him encouragement and what not. This person entered my house without any of us knowing and had dinner with us. When we asked him couple of questions he was nervous and said something that I thought was odd. My brain couldn't stop thinking that night, there was something odd about that man. So I google'd his name and I saw his public record online. He was convicted of sexually abusing a child. I promptly told the elders of my congregation and they did absolutely nothing. 1.The man was a fugitive of the law that broke his parole and moved without consent to another state. 2. He was in the KH where all the children were at risk and no parent knows this. 3. It felt like they were hiding him there because the offense had taken place long ago. The fact that the elders dismissed this as I was being paranoid was one of the contributing factors why I left. Weeks later one of the elders commented in an article about giving a chance to the people we preach even if they had committed the worst atrocities, citing the example of Paul. That same elder started to treat me different and avoided giving me participation during the Watchtower study. They are all hypocrites and I'm glad I left. I can't believe none had the courage to do anything and report it to the law.

  • stillin

    When I switched congregations I had no children. One of the elders befriended me and before long, he had filled me in on who in the congregation was restricted because of sexual offender issues. I thought, this is none of my business, why is he telling me? If somebody puts any moves on me, I will respond as an adult. If Sister Hot is a nymphomaniac, I will do what I have always done, resist and protect my spirituality. I'm a big boy.

    But the power of being "in the know" was too much for this elder. I felt that the unity of the congregation was breached by his fomenting of suspicion and distrust. Now I realize that being holier-than-thou is what drives the congregations.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    On other side, you do need to know of dangerous people in congregation

    It will be intwresting to hear comments made today by elders, and congregation. Will this be one of those quiet meetings?

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