No more Mr. Nice guy with coons

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  • rockemsockem

    I have been having issues with coons. They are eating my cat food and being a pain in the ass. I have live trapped some but these last few trip the live trap and do not get trapped then steal the bait. I have bought this dog cat proof coon trap. I will have to dispatch them with a shot to the head but I have had enough dealing with these little pains.

  • rockemsockem
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    What if you just took in your cat food just before dark and emptied any outdoor water bowls? There is no reason to be inhumanely trapping and killing these animals, which trace their existence on this earth back to before there were dogs, and it is likely they will continue to successfully adapt to their environment after homo sapiens is gone.

    I'm not saying you should share your house with them; I am saying that you can make your outdoor area less of a "free dinner" buffet and thereby encourage them to go back to the woods they belong in.

  • rockemsockem

    Nathan I have been trapping and moving them but this one is nasty, he is always on my roof, took off my cat door even when locked and had destroyed my porch door sweep. He has gotten by my live trap so I have to step up my game. I do take the out door cat food in at night but the indoor I leave out as my porch should be secure. I don't take pleasure in killing animals except for snakes, but I also don't want my cats to get tore up. A coon can do damage to a cat.

  • nonjwspouse

    Coons are so cute, but they are very smart little buggers, and can figure out most any way to keep them out of things, or how to get around a trap.

    They also are notorius for carrying rabies. Very unsafe.

    Rockem is right, they can kill a cat if confronted.

    We had some get into our chained and locked garbage cans almost every week, spreading the entire cotents all across the back yard. They finally stopped coming around.

    Likely a coyote got them.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Couldn't you just trap the pesky critter and then take it for 20-30 minute drive somewhere?

    Let the little swine live somewhere far away from you. Just a suggestion I used several years ago.

  • nonjwspouse

    I'm not sure about coons, but I know beavers will find thier way back. There is no trapping and moving those critters.

  • nicolaou

    Oh, raccoons!

    Here in the UK 'coons' means something very different - and very offensive.

    This thread is actually hysterical when you realise the innocent trap of our shared language 😅

  • rockemsockem

    I was taking them out about 5 miles. But this one has avoided my live trap. This paw trap I doubt they can get around it and once in you have to kill them. I am not going to try to mess with a coon with its paw in a trap. They can be very viscous. Cute yes they are. My aunt used to raise them. They never were tame really. And would still snap at you if you ticked them off. I admire them a lot. But we hardly have an issue with them being on the endangered list and I care more about my pets and safety of family than a coon. BTW I have to be careful living in the south US. I was walking through walmart one day and telling my wife how I hated coons and then thought Jeezzzz I need to not say that. It can be taken out of context easy.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Yes, it is definitely a derogatory word in the south US, though in the north it is common to use the word to refer to the nocturnal animal.

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