Jesus said Truly I tell you This Day...

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  • JohnTron72

    Adam was told not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge for upon the very Day of eating from it, he would die. I had someone say that God lied because, Adam didn't die that day but, the scriptures say to God a Day is as a thousand years so, since Adam lived 900+ years after eating , he indeed died within God's view of a day. Methuselah the oldest to ever live 969 years still within God's set time of a day. But, let me throw out another tidbit based on Jesus words to the man who he told "Truly I tell you this Day, you will be with me in Paradise". Some will argue that Jesus meant the man would be in Heaven with Jesus. Witnesses will say that the comma after This Day, means he was stating to the man that he was literally telling the man That Day he would be in the restored Paradise ahead since, murderers and thieves wouldn't enter God's Kingdom. Either way you view the statement, think of this!..... I personally know that my Grandmother who was a Assembly of God member/Penticost believed as well as most other religions that Jesus WENT to Hell and suffered for 3 Days taking on all of mankind's sins. So, Which happened? Did Jesus Go to a burning Hell as most believe THAT Day? Or Did he Go to Heaven to be with the thief THAT Day? Remember, Jehovah God his father had to turn away completely from Jesus that day or he would've died. No matter where you place the comma, I think the answer can Only be he was telling the man on THAT day, he would see him again in the restored paradise.

  • cofty

    Never mind commas what about paragraphs?

  • stillin

    Yup. That was the day he said it. It seems too obvious.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    How do you know Jesus said this Jon Tron?

    Nobody ever took notes of what Jesus said because no historical person ever recorded seeing him at any time. The Roman authorities were pestered by crazy messianic preachers and so called miracle workers for a long period but no one wrote down what any of them said.

    Later on when developing the Jesus cult, the leaders wrote out the speech bubbles of what they wanted their hero to have said. That's how writers make up stories.

  • Diogenesister
    Yup. That was the day he said it. It seems too obvious

    Look at all of Jesus sayings. He constantly said to people "Truly I say to you..." this and "Truly I say to you...." that. He at no time EVER said in any other part of the new testament "truly I say to you today" did he?

    Only in when speaking to the so-called criminal on the stake did he use this expression and add the "today" bit.

    That to me shows he was saying to the criminal he would be in Paradise today.

  • punkofnice

    Respectfully, JohnTron.

    Do you believe in this Bible stuff?

    If so, why?

    If not, why is it important to you?

  • shepherdless

    I think I have seen this issue about whether the passage should be read as having a comma before or after “today” being debated extensively on another thread a long time ago.

    For what it is worth, I have to agree with Diogenesister. I would add that the alternative reading would imply that the “criminal” became one of the anointed, in an instant.

    (I also agree with Half Banana, but it is sometimes interesting to hypothesise that the bible is not a contradictory collection of imprecise mixed messages, and try to identify the least inconsistent interpretation.)

  • JoenB75

    Adam and Eve probably died spiritually in that instant they ate the fruit as in Rom 5:14 and 1 Pet 4:6. But Jesus statement to the thief, that seems to open question. Bullinger could be right but Jesus could also have made a special promise. The day could be literal, not necessarily 24 hours (remember Hugh Ross and his reasons to believe ministry states Adam was created between 10 and 100,000 years ago, day in the Bible is not necessarily 24 hs) or simply spiritual.

  • redvip2000
    Adam didn't die that day but, the scriptures say to God a Day is as a thousand years so, since Adam lived 900+ years after eating , he indeed died within God's view of a day.

    So the hardest thing to square off is the concoction about what constitutes a day? How about the fact that the fairy tale book is asserting that people lived 900+ years?

    Right, 900+ years at at time when people didn't even know they had to wash their hands after shitting.

  • Moster

    Could have been that the idea of 1,000 years being 1 day to God, was presented to us to cover off the 969 years that Methuselah lived.

    Bending the story to fit the facts perhaps?

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