Why I admire the more risky O.P starters.

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  • Simon

    Some OPs are always going to be controversial, obviously I have never started any like that ...


    One thing that annoys me is the PC / SJW / Identity Politics that seek to silence people through self-moderation. When there are people who will pounce on things and intentionally mischaracterize what you say in order to silence anyone talking about some issue, IMO it's all the more reason to talk about it more.

    It doesn't and shouldn't matter if everyone is against you - if you're right, the world comes round to your opinion and those pushing the PC false reality are shown up.

  • Vidiot
    Outlaw - "Threads have a life of their own... Once you start one you never know where it will go. Some die after a few posts.. Some are pleasant conversations.. Some start smoking, drinking, doing drugs and party.."

    Hopefully, they eventually finish school and become productive members of society... :smirk:

  • schnell

    @Simon, don't you love that?

    The irony is that people getting attacked are sometimes the most gentle, caring people who want everyone to have an equal opportunity and an equal say. Ellen DeGeneres getting attacked by SJWs because [just try and think of the reason anymore] is ridiculous.

    This is also where I turn to a Stoic idea to observe nature, including human nature, and not try to go against it all the time. We've been on this planet for 200,000 years and we've been consciously aware for 80,000 years. We're kind of awful. So while we can and should try move the human race forward, we shouldn't really be surprised when it shows its awfulness again.

    Edit: I remember. Ellen had a picture of herself riding Usain Bolt. They were having fun and Bolt shared it, too. The snowflakes called it racist and an allusion to slavery. Yeah, no.

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