Why I admire the more risky O.P starters.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Starting an O.P is a challenge.The person who starts the O.P then relies on fellow posters to obtain feedback and hopefully keep the O.P, informative and positive. So starting an O.P becomes " Shared accountabilility" between O.P starter, and thread poster.

    Some O.P's will be more of a risk factor than others, because some topics are more controversial. So when I start an O.P I now ask myself what is:-

    A) The desired outcome.

    B) The undesired outcome.

    Controlling the undesired outcomes, is an art, particularly if members are learning from the thread. Personally I try to search for reasons why my O.P has got undesired outcome.I think bad outcome occasionally happen's because :-

    A) I start an O.P and am not their to reply to the comments, or manage the thread.

    B) My O.P is crap, and my point of view is only that, my point of view without facts to back it up.

    C) Occasionally posters are here not to learn and debate but to disturb and disrupt a thread.

    But of the 124 O.P's I have started, ( Yes I need a life) I consider only two have become negative and argumentative. Therefore I am going to chance a third with this O.P, because I think this board has missed some of the more gutsy " Cofty" O.P's. I am talking about those O.P's that take a greater risk at upsetting others, but are also more informative, more educational and take more hassle to manage than my daily rumblings about art, birthday cards, and sugar cubes.

    So as an often boring, cowdley member of the board, with this O.P I want to be courageous and acknowledge my appreciation for those less boring, those that start more risky O.P's.(Now who remembers my O.P " Won't get fooled again moon landing?" Over 500 pages of crap, I think I will stick with my less controversial O.P's like " God is Love" :-)

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Some threads are 'risky', others not. Most of us posters come from liberal, progressive countries and often have liberal, progressive views - that's the background.

    But liberal, progressive dogma has its own taboos - things that you mustn't question or criticise. That's one of the reasons why certain topics are risky - e.g. celebrating Margaret Thatcher (not my viewpoint BTW!), criticising Caitlyn Jenner, criticising Islam, etc.

    my point of view is only that, my point of view without facts to back it up - yes, it's better to have facts to back up a point of view. Unfortunately, sometimes the facts aren't known. In these cases it's ok to have a point of view without any facts.

    Now did Man land on the moon or were we fooled? :smile: - I'm not starting that again!

  • no-zombie

    While I haven't started as many threads as yourself; Rebel, but recently I've thought about stepping back from posting because of a few who have the habit of hammering down hard against an idea or view that doesn't agree with their own. And in all honesty, what attracted me to this forum from the beginning was the fact that we could express any view or comment without the fear of becoming embroiled in some kind of trouble. Yet, it seems those few have the intent on doing the Governing Body's work for them by discouraging free comment from those who offer or ask something with good intent.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Great point " no zombie"

    In my viewpoint most on the forum work as a team, appreciating the shared values that bought us here. I think we should all be here with those shared values and those that are are, are in my opinion the posters who have compassion to opposing views.

    " no zombie" I love your phrase " free comment" In my opinion expressing a " free comment" should be an opportunity to review our thinking and if necessary change our thinking, ridicule to me is not part of the equation.Personally today I will play football with my son and tonight watch " Three colors blue" by Krzysztof Keislowski, with my wife, and so much more as well.

    Our day should not be focused on one negative things, but the many positive things a day has to give. We are all here on this board, looking for a new start, we should not be haunted by the W.T and we should be here for support. Believe me this board has many posters, posting today that make my time here worthwhile. I would also suggest "no-zombie" what ever walk of life we are in, if we let the "few" spoil it with negativity we loose.

    no-zombie, I now look forward to reading your past threads, because I am sure they will be one of those wonderful parts of my day.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    A recent O.P I read trashing a persons reputation with scandal saddened me. Starting such OPs is a very serious matter. We should be working as a team, we have different skills, but we should be on the same team. If the O.P doesnt have the facts, and accusations are presented in an aggressive and out of order way, designed to trash a persons reputation, I feel it is wrong to start such OPs.

  • wozza

    I wonder if you now think Randall's OP is risky and worth your admiration

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Wozza " I wonder if you think Randall's O.P is risky and worth your admiration?"

    The short answer is NO. But my post, prior to yours, was written to clarify the reasons why I think it crosses the line.

  • Vidiot

    I start threads to be pandered to, have my narrow worldview reinforced, and foist my opinions on others.

    For some reason, no one cooperates.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well it's a healing based community, Vidiot. Anyway I am a one discussion forum kind of guy, and I am going to give Buddisam without boundariess a go for a few months. I wish everyone well and back in April.


    Threads have a life of their own..

    Once you start one you never know where it will go.

    Some die after a few posts..

    Some are pleasant conversations..

    Some start smoking,drinking,doing drugs and party..

    They`re all over the place,all you can do is watch..

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