Why do the scan of all publications? To find "gems" like these

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  • freddo

    Get a "green" NWT bible. This is from the "Revised 1970 C.E." edition I am holding in my hand ...

    Go to page 1461 entitled TABLE OF THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE.

    The left hand column has "Name of Book" then columns for "The Writer" "Place Written" "Writing Completed (B.C.E)" and finally "Time Covered" (B.C.E)

    For the first book we have ...

    Genesis - then in the last column (time covered) it says that after Genesis 1 v 2

    Time covered "After 1:2 46,026 - 1657 B.C.E"

    This shows that at least in 1970 that JW's had 7 creative days of 7,000 years as their theology. So that means that JW's say that after Genesis 1 v 2 the year is 46,026 BCE so if you go six creative days (6 x 7000) then:

    Day 1 is 46,026 to 39,026

    Day 2 is 39,026 to 32,026

    Day 3 is 32,026 to 25,026

    Day 4 is 25,026 to 18,026

    Day 5 is 18,026 to 11,026

    Now the fun starts because Mad Freddie Franz would have us believe that Adam was created at the start of Day 6 - hence 6000 years of man's existence would be -

    Day 6 starts 4,026 BCE and runs until 1975 CE/AD - then 1,000 years of Christ's reign and Ta Da! 7 creative days = 49,000 years.

  • BluesBrother

    The O/P was not about this, but since we are talking about it now.....the 6000 year age of man was worked out originally by a Bishop (James?) Usher back in history . He added up all the genealogies in the Bible " X was ? many years old when he begat Y" . He came to B.C. 4004 as the creation of Adam . The WtS , just to be different ,revised it to 4026 BCE

    The length of a Creative Day was always something else although it seemed at one time to fit , 6000 gone plus the Millennium = 7000 years

    Such is the folly of numerology. .....

  • ILoveTTATT2
    the O/P was not about this
    No, but it's ok, because it appeared in another of the "The Broadcaster" publications... I brought attention to one thing, others brought attention to another, and that's why it's good to have all publications scanned, for research!
  • steve2

    How very narcissistic that men and women, throughout history, have exclaimed, "I've worked out the Divine scheme and you need to given me your urgent attention!"

    And decades later, upon looking at their "schemes", we are astonished that anyone who paid attention could have ever believed such nonsense.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    In my earlier post in this thread I wrote 6,000 when I meant 7,000.

    I hope my reputation doesn't suffer as a result of my fauxy pas.

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