First Entry for Jehovah's Witnesses on Google

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  • HappyDad

    Several other famous/infamous ex JW's have become or returned to the Catholic religion. Tom Cabeen who was a pressroom overseer at WT headquarters and part of the 1980 purge became Catholic. Then there is Jeff Schwehm who at one time posted on this forum returned to the Catholic church and was on the Catholic TV network called EWTN talking about his experience. I never met or spoke with either but did quite a bit of great back and forth emailing with Jeff Schwehm. Both are good men and sincere in their belief.

    I wish them the best.

    I was born and raised Catholic and even thought for a while that I might return to the church, but that would never be. The church does a lot of charity but like all religion, history has shown the horrible things that have taken place.

    Even though I still believe in God and have attended various churches, being an actual member is just not for me.


  • musky
    "At this point in life, I feel I have lost all religion."

    I feel the same.

  • Perry
    I never understood why people leave a shitty religious organisation, to fall directly in the arms of another organisation

    Well, I think it is quite easy to understand. When faced with the ridiculousness of materialism to account for things like DNA, spontaneous generation, fine tuning of the universe etc, many people simply look for ways to try harder to earn God's approval.

    The absolute last thing that anyone would want to try is actually trusting a King who rode into town on an ass, to take your personal punishment due YOU. Unless of course they had tried everything else first, which is what happened to me.

    Badda Bing! Religion not necessary, just Jesus.

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