The start of a rough patch ahead...

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  • confused3426

    @IloveTTATT2 I was looking for Spanish websites. Yes this is what I need. I have to keep it cool for now, and pretend to keep the peace with her for now. I will save these sites as my favorite, and share with my mom in the future.

    @crazyguy nope I def don't want to be the sister who never married, never had kids and now lives alone in the nursing home. NO NO

    I will soon start living my life!

  • sarahsmile

    Considering your mother is unbaptized publisher it is good that you expressed your doubts about the religion. Ask her if she believes that Jesus is many different angels,not just Michael the Archangel. It is important to stay honest with your mom. Not too many Christians could agree with Jesus as many angels. Plant a small seed!

  • stillin

    Confused, are you baptized? Whatever you do, avoid that! Your family may not consider you to be the best of friends later, but at least they will talk to you!

  • Steel

    There are some real great videos on YouTube about the concept of Jesus in the old testament and some great debates between Muslim and Christian scholars about the diety of Christ. They are not anti witness or evangelical in nature. Just straight about academic theology.

    If she is not a baptize yet try and convince her to take a look. Once you start placing it together as long as you are sincere in your bible study, it makes it really hard to take the wts very serious.

    Unfortunately most are just social clubwitnessed. Even the ones who cry and say don't you love jehovah.

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