Does anybody ever wonder why ?

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  • Fisherman
    And if he does why so silent in this day and age,

    Another good one, smiddy. In brief, he does communicate with people today.

    When Jesus converted water into wine, how many people realized what he did ? When a voice from heaven spoke saying this is my son the beloved, how many people heard the voice and the words and not some thunder or some noise? Another example is when Peter cut off the ear of the slave of the high priest, how many people realized that Jesus put it back? That is why the scriptures read: “the kingdom of God is in your midsts” and, “go subduing in the midsts of your enemies” and, “they listen but they do not hear.” God spoke in the past like an elephant in plain sight and people didn’t hear him. —-The same thing today. “ If you people this day had discerned the things having to do with peace, but now it has been secretly hidden from your eyes/ears” That’s how God does things.
  • WTWizard

    Simple. If that thing used electronic media to spread the message, then how would it be able to enslave the masses by forcing them to go door to door wasting all their time and money (not to mention, putting whatever carbon dioxide in the air wasting all that gas doing so) to spread it? Joke-hova simply wants people to not have either money or time, and that is a great way to waste both. Using electronic devices to spread the message would be too efficient, saving people's time and money.

    And then, what happens when that thing pulls the whole Internet away from people (aside a few corporate "news" outlets)? No Internet, no means of getting this message to the masses--and with an Internet, there is the chance of people using it in ways the reptilians don't want (such as for freedom). Either way, these electronic devices would only be either useless (once the whole Internet is taken away) or counterproductive (if people start debunking the whole religion, and the whole bible to boot).

  • waton

    "he" does not authorize funny stories to be written any more, because we can measure. take noah's flood. 40 days of rain,@ ~ 900 hours in 40 days. everest ~ 9000 meters, rain, ~10 meters an hour, wow, 3 storeys.each hour.

    The vocals are easy after that. to write about.

    Do people hear voices today? you bet.

  • Phizzy

    There is a theory of how the brain/mind evolved that says that at one time the brain was bicameral, and so very similar in the effects people felt to what Schizophrenic people who hear voices feel, that the voices are real, and must be obeyed.

    As the brain/mind evolved so that both Chambers communicated more than previously, the voices disappeared, and people who still heard them were rare, and became Oracles.

    Sounds feasible to me.

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