Does anybody ever wonder why ?

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  • smiddy3

    Supposedly, GOD Jehovah, EL , or whatever else he may have been called many thousands of years ago, or so the storys goes ,dealt with humans on a regular basis communicating with them for either good or bad.According to how they pleased him or displeased him.

    So the Bible record says.

    How is it that GOD , Jehovah or whatever other name you want to call him has not communicated with humans on any level for the past 2000 years ???

    In this scientific ,technological age ,wouldn`t you think this would be the time he would communicate with the potential dangers we face in potentially destroying ourselves and ruining the planets wildlife unless he interveined ?

    That`s if you even beleive that such a GOD actually exists .

    And if he does why so silent in this day and age,?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    He's like me hates social media...what the hell is a tiktok?

    Why don't people call me on the home phone anymore?

  • punkofnice

    I have noticed that with the Bible (which I do not believe is inspired but used as if it was), the further you go back in time, the weirder the stories are. As if by Chinese whispers.

    To be clear, I am not saying I believe in the time scale as a reality because it's all without evidence.

    I used to believe but now that I've taken stock, I am ashamed I ever did.

    God doesn't speak today because he never spoke in the past. It's all an illusion that has brought the Churches money and power.

    Believe this if you wish, but why?

  • WingCommander

    I'll give you the JW reasoning on this.

    The further back you go, the closer to perfection mankind was. Like, God's Holy Spirit walked and talked and flowed thu the Garden of Eden, speaking with Adam.

    Later, it was a burning bush, visions, dreams, and Angels like Gabriel sent as messengers.

    Finally, Jesus and His Apostles. After they died off, that was about it. God then let His Word speak for him, and of what was to come later. Mankind is simply too far gone for Him to speak to on the levels he once did. The exception: The 144,000, and now solely the Governing Body via Holy Spirit.

    Now, that's the JW belief system that I grew up on.

    As an adult, I find myself asking as OP did. God could just solve all of this mystery and eliminate all false god's easily. Send Jesus to appear first in the sky, and simultaneously all throughout the world. Have Jesus do this every 75 years, every GENERATION. He could heal people, do miracles, etc. That would eliminate every other religion overnight, because if all other God's are FALSE god's, they won't show up. Wars over religion would end. Hell, world peace would probably break out, especially if he dropped some new tech to help grows, solve pollution (Cold Fusion), etc.

    Then mankind would truly be able to start to move forward and the ones that choose to worship him, fine. The ones that don't? Fiery abyss for all I care.

    It's such a simple solution.....but oh no! We gotta somehow sort thru a cryptic book written in the Iron Age by middle-eastern goat-herders, and THEN somehow pick the CORRECT denomination out of 250 Christian sects, or else you're toast. Lunacy.

  • punkofnice
    winger - It's such a simple solution....

    God is either indifferent, incompetent or doesn't exist.

    ...and doesn't exist despite hoodwinked people trying to believe all that Bible nonsense into existence. To think, I used to believe all that stuff until I started to be honest and decide that an inconvenient truth is better than wilful ignorance.


    Supposedly, God spoke to Adam, Cain, Noah, Joseph, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Samuel, David, Job and Jesus ( Mark 1:11 when he calls Jesus his beloved Son).

    Once you realize that the Bible is mythology, you will understand why God hasn't spoken to anyone since the death of the last apostles.

  • peacefulpete

    Of course many, if not most, churches believe God is communicating today through miracles and charismata. Church Fathers centuries after the birth of Christianity believed that magic and sorcery by non-Christians was real. Read how it was believed that Simon Magnus could levitate for example. That outlook of accepting supernaturalism continues unchanged for many and seems immune from growth in scientific knowledge.

    Our religion as it happens did not have this acceptance of ongoing miracles and mocked those who did. But, at least when I was young, they still believed demons could make things and people do things supernatural. It's just another example of a church carving out a unique identity.

  • TonusOH

    I've heard some people say that for God to reveal himself today would affect our free will. I don't think that would matter. The free will of the people who got to see God and hear his voice directly was not affected, and some of them used their freedom to turn from God. And frankly, would it be so bad if God revealed himself and we were able to make our choices with the full confidence of knowing? This is the same God who wishes for all to be saved. Why not take a step that would bring far more people to salvation?

  • titch

    Oh, but Smiddy3, he has, he has! Years ago, in the mid-1970s, he appeared to a mild-mannered grocery store clerk, and he appeared as an old man! Oh, wait, that was a movie, "Oh God." (With George Burns and John Denver) Ooops, sorry, I couldn't resist. Best Regards.....Titch.

  • redvip2000

    Well what would you say if you started working for a company 30 years ago, when they were using pen and paper for everything, and now as the world evolved into the digital world, your employer was still making you use pen and paper? Would they be worth of any admiration?

    The creator of the entire universe, holder of all knowledge, as decided that in 2022 the best way to communicate with humans is to make them read a book written by goat herders thousands of years ago, filled with bronze age "wisdom", vague ethical rules, contradictions, and stories that conflict with science.

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