New lawsuit in Canada for victims of Pedophilia against the Watchtower

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  • OrphanCrow
    dsp: Is it a province thingy in Canada?
    It's just that the following Canadian website apparently seems very open about linking to cases while still only in the investigation stage, which kinda seems weird now?

    I dunno if it is a province thingy. It could simply be a difference in the way that various law firms manage their practices.

    I don't find it weird.

  • higgertylaw

    Yes. We are in the investigation stage. The process of launching a class action involves collecting what are called, "Representative Plaintiffs" that act on behalf of the Class Members. We are still looking for a Representative Plaintiff from Quebec to make this a national, powerful, and ground breaking lawsuit. There is no cost to being a Rep Plaintiff. Class actions are purely contingency based. We do believe there is a very strong case going forward against the Jehovah's Witness and Bible Tract Society of Canada with multiple incidences of Child Sexual Abuse, and officials turning a blind eye.

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