I have too much crap!! How to declutter/dehoard.....

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  • Incognito

    While I haven't 'yet' experienced any issues with DVD's, no technology is 100% reliable. Having copies in multiple places ensures at least one copy remains available even if your favourite cloud service should suddenly disappear or be purchased.

    File format is a whole other concern. While PDF seems to currently be a universal standard, will it be replaced in 10 years? Who can say. Whatever format is utilized, should be periodically reviewed to ensure the data remains current and accessible.

    While paper documents and photos are somewhat fragile, take-up much space, are heavy and are not easily located or searched, they continue to archive fairly well.

  • Alive!

    I'm a purger! Grrrrr it feels good!

    Do it :-)

  • Vidiot

    The solution is simple.

    Move, using only a couple of suitcases, and don't tell anybody where you've gone.

    Then the mess becomes someone else's problem.

  • violias

    I have this issue too. I finally decided that I just am not dealing well with not having kids to take care of, big meals to cook and I still believe I might be able to wear that really cute outfit I wore 20-25 yrs ago. Frequently when I do get to the point I can discarde something, I worry I could have used it and sometimes that is true--I threw out something I shouldn't have. I am not a bad hoarder like you see on TV, no nasty house or bugs etc but I have shoes and clothes from 25 yrs ago that I just can't get rid of. They are piled on beds and 2 rooms in my house are almost unusable b/c of clutter. Our bedroom has about 6 boxes of clothes on the floor , top or dressers and in closets right now. We can still use it however. Also, I noted something else I am doing. When I do get the ability to throw out-- I'll be darn If I don't go buy more to replace ii.

    I read recently that one way to De- clutter is by asking yourself " Does this item make me feel cherished ? I know that sounds hippy dippy but it sort of resounds with me. I started looking at piles of clothes and I think it might work. I intend to give that method a try.

    Selling things on ebay or amazon requires I mail them out and dealing with a buyer. I would almost rather put a "free" sign on them in the yard.

    saw this topic and just needed to vent

  • kaik

    Hoarding can be dangerous. It possess health and fire hazard, and can make house unsafe. I know two separate incidents when hoarders killed due their impulsion several other people and they never faced even criminal charges. Many years ago, there were hoarding couple in my hometown well known for patrolling all dumpsters and filled their house from basement to roof with trash. They never threw even a newspaper. Once they managed to break to chemical waste dumpster, and brought several containers with unknown chemical in it in to their house. Chemical reaction cause a huge explosion that was seen from every part of the city. They lived in medieval center of the town and they destroyed the house. One firefighter, a my friend, died on the scene. Due unknown number of chemicals in the house, the military had to tear down the house. There was empty lot for years. Both received fines, but not a single day in jail. Another time, an elderly woman collected newspapers and cardboard that filled her apartment to ceiling. There was only narrow corridor to get through. Short curcuit set the place on fire. She survived, but woman living above her burned to death.

    The best way to go through staff, and regularly throw items away. Put them by the curb, sell them on ebay, donate them, set them on fire on your backyard.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I had some good cleaning success today. Even though it was my birthday, I decided that I needed to work on cleaning my bedroom because I had gotten a new quilt for my birthday and wanted to see it on my bed. So, I washed all the sheets and blankets and put them back on the bed and then put my new green floral quilt on my bed. I am a quilt collector and I have to be careful not to collect too many. I have them in a wardrobe and when it is full, no more quilts unless I donate one first. I did donate a big, puffy king-sized quilt because it wouldn't fit in my washer and it cost me $6 in quarters and a trip to the laundromat everytime it needed to be washed. It was too much, so I let it go.

    The quilt looked great, so then I cleaned and dusted the bedside table,putting odds and ends away as I went. I also tackled my jewelry chest and my hope chest, cleaning, dusting and putting odds and ends away. Tomorrow i am going to do my husband's dresser, his nightstand, and my dressing table. That dressing table has jewelry scattered all over the surface and a jewelry box sitting on it that is full as well as the standing jewelry chest. I need to purge and organize. I am not even really a big jewelry person, but I get a lot for gifts.

    Then, also, I have books sitting in piles, neatly around the edges of the wall. These are going to be sorted, purged, and the ones left will be found new homes. Sitting on a pile on the floor is not a home. Everything has to have a home, if it doesn't then the next time we have an object and we don't know where it goes and we can't decide, then that object just get set down anywhere and becomes another brick in the wall of clutter.

    What I'm also working on is maintaining areas that I've already cleaned. So, I start by quickly going through the clean areas and putting things in place, vacuum, or wipe down counters just to keep your progress which will help to maintain momentum. Then, I work on a new area. My ongoing clutter spot is a room that was turned into a home office, but ended up just being a dumping ground for clutter.Since we've added onto the house, and now have room for a desk and filing cabinet in a more open area (where hopefully we won't be tempted to dump things.) I have been slowly cleaning that room out a little at a time so I can turn it back into a bedroom. This room has caused me so much anxiety. I can't stand to be in there too long, so I just do a tiny little project at a time. My next project is to go through a pile of 4 or 5 medical folders. I think I can handle that without having an anxiety attack. I have to just keep thinking about what a cute little spare bedroom it will be when I'm done.

    Trying to decide whether it's worth it to save all the purged items for a yard sale. It's a big thing around here. They usually start in April. Might be able to make $100 or so for a few hours work. I don't know. I'm still thinking about it.

    How's everyone else's decluttering going? I'm sympathetic with violias who still feels the need to buy more after purging. However, I've got the closet of my dreams, now. It's organized by item so I can see everything I have in a glance. I take a photo of it to keep in my purse so when I'm tempted to buy something I can check if I have room and also if it works with all the other clothing in my wardrobe. If not, then I don't buy it.

    Best of luck, everyone.

  • Heaven

    I have to declutter too.

    I'm currently working on my Dad's place. Am hoping the auction will happen this spring. It will all be gone and I can then sell his house.

    I am also working on my stuff. Once I get a big enough pile, I'll send it to auction too.

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