How the Internet is Destroying Mormonism

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  • jookbeard

    but my favourite 5 would be

    The Malawi/Mexico scandal

    Mad Freddie Franz' keen obsession and regularity in visiting gay saunas

    Beth Sarim and the alcoholic second president

    Ted Jaracz child abuse

    GB members Greenleas and Chittys removal from the GB for homosexuality, and the slap on the wrist punishment they received, hypocrisy and breathtaking double standards

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Can you explain about the Malawi non-issue?

  • jookbeard
    Millie210 you really need to read up on the Amnesty International reports about the Banda ragtime in Malawi in the 1970's not only to jw's but to the Indian community among others
  • millie210

    What do you mean jookbeard?

    Point me in the right direction and I will read!

  • millie210
    Anders Andersen
    Can you explain about the Malawi non-issue?

    Hi Anders,

    That the persecution was already over and we here in the States were still being told it was a current event.

    Here is a link

    Im not sure if jook has more info but I am always wanting to learn more!

  • jookbeard
    interesting that Millie, a brother I spoke with at when I was a Dub he had read this AI report and I didn't pay exact attention to the dates when the widespread persecution was taking place but this report was not even quoted in any Yearbook due to the graphic descriptions of the atrocities that Banda was inflicting on them, a wiki search lists incidents in 1967/1972 and 1975/6, Malawi was also receiving humanitarian aid from the UN, again I dont have the links of the exact dates but the issue surrounding the so called "party card" that the jw's were not allowed to wear or carry was also card that they would have needed to show to claim any aid.
  • jookbeard

    another sub 5 if Slim will permit would be

    the huge child abuse cover up/court cases etc

    Their UN membership

    The Rand Corp share ownership

    the organ/vaccination ban

    finding out what really happens during a judicial committee

  • Phizzy

    My JW parents brought me up to be a lover of truth, and to stay as far away from the things of Satan's world as possible.

    So, my Top 5 that I found on the Internet would be :

    1) They Lied ! about Child Abuse

    2) They Lied ! about 607/1914, at least since Carl.O Jonsonn wrote to them in the early 70's.

    3) They Lied ! about U.N membership.

    4) They Lied ! about shunning/DFing etc

    5) They lied about their whole History.

    To discover that these people I trusted were mendacious in the extreme was like discovering your "parents" were not the honest people you believed them to be, not really your parents, and worse were nasty, greedy criminals.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Most shocking thing I learned from internet;

    **Beth Sarim and the alcoholic second president**

    Henceforth, my username!!!!

  • OrphanCrow
    jookbeard: OrphanCrow;
    was you shocked when the AJWRB group was formed? an anonymous secret group made up of elders who opposed the WTS blood ban policy,

    I wasn't shocked that the AJWRB group was formed. Not at all. I was pleased. I just was surprised it hadn't happened sooner. The internet is what facillitated the group forming. It would have been difficult without the internet.

    I wonder if you know the real reason the blood ban was implemented? the 2 sexual deviants who were to become the presidents of the WTS made a promise at the deathbed of the alcoholic, ego maniac bully because he had this strange idea?

    I do not buy that as the real reason that the blood ban was put in place. Rutherford died in January, 1942 out in California. He spent most of his time out there in his later years - I have read that Knorr and Franz did not get along with him and that they didn't even arrange a proper funeral for him. They couldn't wait for him to croak and get out of the way and they did not attend to his deathbed. Rutherford did not want to pass the reins over to them, he had named Hayden Covington as his successor.

    I do not see Knorr and Franz being bound by some promise to drunk Rutherford. If that was the case, then they would implented it before they did - the blood ban was put in place right on the heels of the end of WW2 - in 1945, following tactic approval of blood transfusions - a full 2 1/2 years after Rutherford's death.

    Rutherford had nothing to do with the blood ban - that was Knorr's puppy.

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