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  • Bribie

    cofty - Thanks mate for your reply. We get a tv programme here in Australia called

    “Escape to the Country”. People who want out of the big cities and finding a quieter pace of life in a country setting. Some of the houses and villages are just stunning. They almost look perfect but of course nowhere is like that. But smaller towns and villages do have a more slower pace and genuine community connection.

    What do you think about Devon?

    Am thinking of coming over to stay for 6 months or so and am researching places that would work for me. But also need to go somewhere that gives me easy access to the Continent. Have a great day and hello from Brisbane!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Forgive me for being a bit slow but the programme we are going to see on Sunday morning (tomorrow) is not live but a recording of today's dedication?


  • ukpimo

    The dedication programme today was designed for Bethelites, special full time servants and any who had a share on the Britain construction project, as well as former Bethelites. Some exceptions were invited, if you were married to someone in recent years who didn't have a share in bethel or the project.

    The programme tomorrow is meant to be a consolidated version of the programme to benefit the brothers on a congregation level - firstly with a summary of the Watchtower (which was not part of today's programme) and then items that cover aspects of the dedication. It's rumoured that Kenneth Cook's talk will be re-broadcasted at the end, but we will see what unfolds. Every branch dedication has the same style of programme - a "worker friendly" version on the Saturday, then a "congregation friendly" version on the Sunday. Enjoy, if you can!

  • St George of England
    St George of England


    Thank you for the clarification.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Thanks ukpimo and welcome to the forum.

  • Chevelle

    Excuse my ignorance, but is Chelmsford supposed to be Europe's version of Ramapo Studios? What's this branch going to be used for exactly??

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Here is a question. Does anything in the JW lexicon warrant a celebration like a branch dedication? Is it the biggest thing in the that happens? It's a huge party for the hierarchy, crumbs from the table left for the R&F. Construction, real estate is th centre of the JW universe.. Just a nod to the preaching work but we know where the real value and nucleus of this organisation is don't we?

  • BluesBrother

    Have to say that the zoomed program yesterday was a total disaster in this house. The older dubs hated the opening video with grinning idiots doing building work .. The 2 hours that followed was just “ branch experiences “ and reports from other places … The result being that by the time Ken Cooke started his talk they were reduced to slumber or complete annoyance with it all .

  • ukpimo

    The Dedication program for congregations was heavily edited.

    On Sunday, the Watchtower Summary was taken by Peter Bell.

    Then some new guy interviewed a Branch committee member and summarised the whole Saturday Dedication in 20 minutes, which I'm sure was a rub in the sores of poor JWs who weren't "privileged" to attend Saturday, they only got to see one small clip of Kenneth Cook dedicating thr facilities.

    Then there were more branch reports. Stephen Hardy took the Britain branch reports and still goes along the rhetoric that most increase in the Britain branch territory is from immigrants. That's not entirely true. The British are still part of the main flow coming in, albeit mainly previously inactive, disfellowshipped or children of JWs.

    Then the final talk wasn't the dedication talk. It was an entirely different talk by Kenneth Cook about counting your blessings. Compared to Saturdays largely positive program, Kenneth saved the harsh counsel for Sunday.

    "You may think they've been in the truth for decades, how could they do something like this?

    Well, a perfect set of teeth can still bite your tongue"

    And he left it at that. Whilst the mindless drones laughed, I thought wow how passive aggressive of him! No consideration to the fact that these "faithful ones" may indeed become unfaithful and merit discipline themselves?

    Also, a pathetic illustration was given about a farmer kicking a nest on the ground every time he saw it on his morning walk.

    Then one day he looked up and saw the bird had begun building the nest in a tree.

    He said "I'm so glad that little bird is now finally protected from the cat".

    Same reaction from everyone.

    So I was fuming and thinking why the absolute hell would he kick the nest anyway?! What a moron! In this country, birds nests are protected by law. His point was "how did you view the farmer at the beginning? We don't always see the bigger picture of things until we give things time". It still didn't explain the point to me, I was convinced that this farmer was still the village idiot.

    Then after many cherry picked blessings he mentioned, Kenneth gave counsel about going to extremes with personal hobbies and entertainment, saying that these could distract us from the ministry. The emphasis was on this: as long as the people are faithful, then the dedicated buildings would only be as good as the people in it. Living next door to a bank doesn't automatically make you rich, Kenneth said the day before, and drawing this home again, he said that we want spiritually mature men and women to serve.

    It seems this was a passive aggressive attempt at counselling the British for their irreligious lifestyle. In some ways I agree, the British now are mainly godless in society, however I feel he could have been more open about this to bring the point across rather than delicately embarrassing certain groups.

  • Gorb

    I don't know what is in the drinking water of Wallkill, because Steven Lett made some strange humour also during his recent visit in Amsterdam.

    The wrong humour.

    There is something going on with those guys.


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