The best and worst Do Co & Elders in New Zealand

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  • belogical

    I will start the ball rolling with the best DO his Name Mike Kramer a lovely man I believe he went to Japan then had a burn out anyone know where he and Alice are now

  • blondie

    Well, I don't know any in Australia or NZ but quite a few in the US, but it is like comparing one animal's manure to another's, they all stink.

    COs or DOs support officially the WTS in all things. Privately they might be different. I used to think some were better than others but now:

    I always felt there were 2 kinds of elders, those who did or said the bad things and those who sat there silently listening and said nothing to change it. Perhaps they did complain about it behind their backs, but in no way would they risk their situation.

  • Expanded-Mind

    Hi Belogical!

    Mike Krammer and I were best-friends shortly after he came into the Watchtower Organization, to the time I left (which was May 1984). I actually met Mike’s Dad in the door-to-door work and placed a couple of magazines with him. When I made a return visit, his Dad suggested I talk to Mike, which I did and that led immediately into a study. While we were studying we both realized that there was a deep-friendship growing. I even shared in baptizing him.

    Mike moved to where the need was greater and that’s where he met Alice. They got engaged and Mike asked me to be his best-man. I still have pictures of his and Alice’s wedding… so long ago.

    I had been having a struggle with things I learned about the Watchtower Organization’s history (even before Mike moved away). Mike knew something was bothering me and I shared with him all my research. We immediately went to talk to an elder, who said that he’d find out some answers for me. Sadly, that never happened. Instead, I was told that what I wrote bordered on apostasy I decided to, once again, focus on the Organization and having Mike in my life certainly encouraged that.

    After Mike moved away, I found that the questions I had had still loomed and eventually talked to a couple of elders and told them that this time, I WANTED ANSWERS. Of course, they had no substantial answers and I decided to leave the organization. (I heard that one of these elders also eventually left the Organization. Mike and I talked for the last time not long before my disassociation and he was always trying to encourage me… right down to the end. I heard through the grapevine that he and Alice had been in New Zealand. I've also, more recently, heard that they are now back in the States.

    I still love and miss him and Alice so very much. And I so hope that, with all the information he has likely seen in his time with the Witnesses that, just maybe, their eyes will be opened up. None of us are getting any younger and it would be incredible to see them again.

    Not to be gossipy, but what kind of burnout did Mike have in Japan? Do you know? I hope he is fully recovered.


  • joe134cd

    Yes I had a high regard for mike as well. Very much a company man but a good guy none the less. I believe it wasn’t Japan but an African country he went to. I don’t believe he stayed in Africa long before he returned to the states. I believe he had a mental break down. I have to say that In the time I knew mike he physically aged a lot. Perhaps from the stress of the job.

    Jack the women hater Teasy and Hans Hoobler were right A/holes. Charles the hit man Glendening was at the top of the game of been a self righteous arrogant prick.

  • joe134cd
  • joe134cd

    If memory serves me correctly I think after Hans done his tour of duty in NZ he was then sent off to French Polynesia (or one of the islands) Where he upset a few more people. In the end wt stepped in and removed him. He went back to Australia and I remember reading some where he had passed away. But he certainly was a man with few people skills. Looking back I am surprised WT gave him that position in the first place and tolerated his behaviour for so long. Hans was such an ignorant prat I remember him ordering sisters out of the assembly if their baby’s were crying. He was famous for that.

  • stuckinarut2

    The best character was a former DO Joe Slaiman. A true gentleman who woke up to TTATT and left!

    He has posted on here...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    If you search the site for hans hubler you might find some interesting opinions.

  • joe134cd

    What ever happened to Merve King? I remember him saying “just think swerve and you’ll remember Merve”. Used to make you sing two songs at the end of the assembly. I believe he got into some hot water over that with HQ.

  • karter

    Not sure what happened to Merve King nice guy and a breath of fresh air after Hubbler

    When Hubbler intruded King he sid "This is the man that trained me" Hubber was proud of his Hard man image.

    After a few C.O's visits they had problems getting anyone to have Hubbler for meals.

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