Michael and Allice Kramer. Dose anyone know about him.

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  • joe134cd

    I heard this information 3rd hand, so I'm just after confirmation. Mike Kramer, a little short guy. Was a Bethel heavy and a company man through and through. That been said he was a hell of a nice guy and very personable. He was very well liked - and that's quite something coming from a rabid apostate. Any way they shipped him to a bethel in Africa - I vaguely remember it been Congo. My question is? I just heard that he got burnt out and ended up having a break down, and has returned to America. Just wondering if this is true and to the extent he is still involved with the religion. Dose anyone know him. "Mike you tried your best and I really thought quite highly of you". Another wt victim.

  • Normalfulla

    A very charismatic man indeed , I have a catch phrase burned into my mind from a talk of his "DOESN'T BOTHER MY CONSCIENCE " it's in caps cos he repeated it so often and it was probably clipping the speakers it was that loud

  • Expanded-Mind


    I'd just been thinking about Mike & Alice (and actually frequently do). When I read the subject of your post (thanks for posting this!) my jaw just about dropped. I've been seeking to find out how they are for decades. I am so hoping that if anyone has word of them and how they are doing they will PLEASE post something.

    Mike and I were best friends and I stood up as his best man for their wedding. I will never regret for a moment meeting him, although with hindsight I wish it had been apart from JWism. I actually called on and left magazines for his Dad, who indicated that his son (Mike) might be more interested in them. The next visit I met Mike and, well, as they say, the rest is history. Our friendship grew as we studied. Around five years later (after my having periods of doubting the Watchtower) I finally knew that I had to disassociate myself. By that time, Mike was married and living in Minnesota. I still remember our last conversation.

    I miss Mike and Alice terribly even after over 30 years. And I will continue to hold out hope that they will awaken from the clutches of the Watchtower.

    A few years ago, I had heard through a JW I know that they had moved back to the States. A while ago I did a google search, and it appears (at that time) that they might be living in Minnesota again.

    PLEASE... anyone who knows anything, I'd appreciate hearing what you know. Thanks!


    PS: I also heard that they had been serving in New Zealand (possibly in the circuit work).

  • karter

    They were here in New Zealand and both were liked very much.

  • skin

    Yes, I also remember Mike from when he was in New Zealand. Nice guy.

  • smiddy3

    Just a suggestion : It`s worked for me in Australia

    Seeing you have an idea about where he might live look up the phone listings on the internet and type their names in ,and with a bit of luck you will have success.

    I have found people this way in Australia.

  • Xanthippe

    Well liked and they shipped him to the Congo? Didn't like him that much then! He must have stepped on somebody's toes!

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