Will recent dress-code changes affect the WTS negatively?

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  • Wonderment

    In a span of a few months time, we have had many unexpected changes announced by the JW organization. Some here have expressed the belief that a great number of Witnesses will leave the religion. I am not so sure about that. In fact, there is a great probability the opposite will be true.

    Yeah, ancient hardliners will have a hard time assimilating these changes, but the younger generation will likely welcome these changes. Letś take one issue at hand: Relaxed dress codes.

    Dress Codes:

    This alone will be a major incentive for some to reconsider going back to the meetings. Most men don´t like to wear ties. I don´t. Women in particular dread the restrictions imposed by the traditionalists. Women like the freedom to choose what to wear, and from what I have seen in the past, they give a lot of thought to it when going to weekly meetings, and in particular, to yearly Conventions.

    The addition of slacks to their attire is a big plus. Northern countries are known to be brutally cold, and women wearing pants will keep them more comfortable. Also, many women prefer pants over dresses or skirts any time, so much in fact, that outside of the JW world, some women don´t have dresses or skirts to wear at all.

    Another thing, we are talking about the female gender here. Many women like to attract members of the opposite sex, be that openly or quietly. The warning to use office slacks will work with some, maybe with most sisters, but not all. Other younger, bolder ladies will challenge the status quo some, and then some.

    I recall an incident some decades ago, where I spoke with a recently married couple at a large Convention, and we went talking about the Convention material that evening. To my surprise, both were candid enough to tell me that they could not focus on the biblical discourse because they had a beautiful woman right before them with thin white pants showing her assets. It seems they both enjoyed the show (She even said so, I was stunned), for they stayed put in the same place for the whole day.

    So this allowance of office slacks in meetings will turn to some exciting situations. I have heard from some men that they liked going to the meetings to see beautiful women. And women know that.

    Of course, it is not only men, but some women like to meet interesting men at these meetings as well. They will want to look attractive to them. So how long can you keep office slacks as a standard of dressing? Have you looked lately at any social platform to see how far people are willing to go to show their bodies? Not only pants will get bolder, but even skirts and dresses will keep getting shorter. This may help Kingdom Hall attendance indirectly. Who knows for sure?

    But, taking sexual attraction motives out of the equation, the fact is that relaxing dress codes may turn out for many to be an incentive to try the meetings again.

    What do you think?

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    No. The GB has needed to lighten up for a long time.

  • ElderBerry
    The GB has needed to lighten up for a long time.

    A watcher they certainly have lightened the load. Matthew 11 Jesus said take my yoke you will find it refreshing it is kindly and my load is light.

    now it has turned into an inflatable air pillow

  • Phizzy

    One thing that I doubt the GB or their "worldly" advisors have considered, that may well be a negative result, and quite a dramatic one is this ;

    For many years the Org. has been trying to distance themselves from the possibility of being held accountable for Shunning etc. by saying it is each individual J.W exercising their own conscience, and that the J.W's are not controlled by the Org. This has worked to some degree in Court.

    But with the sudden wholesale adoption of the new Dress and Grooming Guidelines, the J.W rank and file have starkly shown just how DIRECTLY controlled they really are, and how unable they are to exercise their individual consciences !

  • TonusOH

    I think it might be a case of 'the more things change, the more they stay the same.'

    I can remember so many summer conventions where young sisters would wear dresses that looked painted on. Humorously, they always made sure that the dresses covered their knees, at least when standing up. There was no end to the warnings and admonitions from the stage and from indignant older brothers and sisters, but it did not seem to have any effect. I suppose that the stares and extra attention from young brothers made the hassle worth it.

    I imagine this summer, the conventions will feature at least a few sisters wearing pants that would cause Tony Morris to have an apoplectic fit. I wonder if brothers will get in on it, so that there will be statements from the podium asking the brothers to please button up their shirts and to stop fluffing their chest hair during the song (is that a thing anymore? Or am I dating myself?). Will this be known as the year that JW women discovered yoga pants?

  • mikeflood

    Not al all....meetings were like funerals with all that formal attire....now it's gonna look more churchlike.

  • truthlover123

    I am a NPIMO - not physically in but mentally out - I go on zoom but have no contact with the hall or sometimes, not even the meetings. I am on the line, organization wise, and these changes are not surprising. Following the board and news from country to country, it was a given that things had to change. Unfortunately, the GB say they received the message from on high, so as to make the pubs believe it was His idea to put all these changes in place. They (cong) will go along with it, it will take time to see results. They are still pushing field service and cart work and pioneering! Hell, there are 45 from this one congregation signed up for March/April. For me I will be following the new clothes directive and loving it all the way for the one day soon to come. I am going as I want to be nosy and see who are doing what after all this good news was delivered. Looks like there is more than one type of "Good News".

  • ThomasMore

    A cable company offered me a month free if I subscribed to their more expensive, poor service.

    Are JWs naive enough to believe that young JWs will return or opt to stay because the standard of dress is now less formal??????

    WTC fails to understand that people are leaving in droves because the religion is high control. The teachings do not satisfy the appetites of spiritually hungry people. How hard is that to understand?

    What they really need is a free t-shirt - or a duffel bag even.....

  • GrreatTeacher

    This might make it easier on folks who are still there, but it's not gonna make anybody want to come back!

    I never understood the whole dresses being more modest than pants thing. For God's sake, dresses leave everything out in the air! Pants cover it up and put good distance between your hooha and sudden breezes or even upskirt shots!

    Dresses and skirts make many women feel very vulnerable.

    Also, the whole "visible panty lines" thing just made me scratch my head. Like, you're surprised I'm wearing underwear? Don't you?!?

    The last time (many years ago) that I visited the hall, I wore pants anyway. I didn't really care about JW dress codes then and I don't now. I still don't want to go back.

  • DesirousOfChange
    both were candid enough to tell me that they could not focus on the biblical discourse because they had a beautiful woman right before them with thin white pants showing her assets. It seems they both enjoyed the show (She even said so, I was stunned)

    What? Young women who have experimented playing on both teams!

    I think it's more common than not today.

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