Please explain the meaning of this wt 2018/10 article

by Gorbatchov 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Londo111

    The myth of the Finished Mystery book is useful for Watchtower. But they count on members not actually reading it.

  • menrov

    They say that overwhelmingly the shareholders voted. So, there are shareholders. They want a return on their investment. How..... And, were these shareholders inspired by holy spirit or holy dollar bills????

  • minimus

    After reading the entire article I find it totally ridiculous that 100 years later, the society would rehash this book. This book personifies everything that is wrong with the prophet—-the watchtower! Why brag about producing a book that is simply filled with errors?? EVERYTHING they wrote was WRONG AND RIDICULOUS!

  • Bobcat

    For any interested, poster Alfred compiled a short list of some of the Finished Mystery's "truths" that were important for honest-hearted ones to know, here.

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