Petra--2023 PDF--Editions!

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    What is really ironic and hilarious is the fact that the ''secret" elders manual is known and talked about on here before "elders" even know about it.

    😭 ROFL

  • blondie

    Beth Sarim, when my husband was still an elder and I was on here (he didn't ask), I told him about the non-letter to the BOE about the change in how blood transfusions. I had learned on JWN that the CO just read it to the elders, would not let them look at it, let alone make a copy. My husband asked that it looked like a letter to him and even had the WT Logo on the top of the non-letter. (My husband was and is at looking through letter paper and seeing what was on the other side). My husband was a new elder, and the other elders gave him a look that meant he should stop talking. He came home and asked me how I knew that before the elders did. Yes, the info was hot off the press on here. It has to come from elders still in the WTS who are PIMO.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Thanks Blondie!!

    This is just amazing.

  • telmac

    I tried to download this but I was too late. The item has expired. Any chance of another go, Atlantis? If it isn't possible, no worries. I have the Oct 22 manual.

  • Caminante
    Any chance on getting the Romanian and Hungarian editions of the April 2023 release?

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