Hello I’ve just discovered that my religion is false just

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  • AudeSapere

    Oops!! I just re-read the OP.

    Australia is a long commute to California.

    The Zoom meet-up can still be a good option.

    And the other info might help someone else.

    Or you might want to plan a vacation to California next year. LOL


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi Phil, welcome to the forum.

    Yeah, it's a pretty crappy feeling when you realise it's all a load of bullshit.

    It's good that you've got your sister to be friends with.

    So, this is an opportunity for you to make decent friends outside the JWs.

    It's also a chance for you to think what you want to do with the rest of your life, because Armageddon ain't coming.

  • Ding


    Have you read Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz? If not, I recommend that you do so. Ray was on the GB and went through many of the things you've been going through.

    You said that you had been very depressed because you saw nowhere else to go. That's a major part of the WT indoctrination process. They poison your mind to everything outside the organization.

    I believe there are a lot of JWs who realize something is seriously wrong with their religion but they stick with it because the WT has convinced them that every alternative is worse. Not so!

    I don't recall if you said to what extent (if at all) you still believe in God, Christ, and the Bible. If you do still have belief in them to some extent, please be aware that not every Christian organization is as legalistic as the WT. Please be aware also that one's relationship to God is dependent on Christ himself, not on which earthly organization you might join. Don't look for the one true Christian organization. It's the WT that has planted in your mind the idea that there is only one of them.They've also planted in your mind the thought that unless it's perfect, a church must be satanic. Consider how messed up the churches were to whom Paul wrote his epistles. Yet he considered them to be truly Christian and continued to minister to them.

    If you'd like to PM me about any of this, feel free.


  • truth_b_known


    Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on freeing yourself from an abusive concept. You have a little bit of work to do.

    Humans crave meaning in their lives. You just took a major part of your life that defined your meaning and purpose and disposed of it. If you do not replace it with something else that gives you meaning purpose you may suffer.

    There have been a lot of great suggestions given already. There are a lot of things you can do and about 7.2 billion more people you can now befriend. Just pick something and move ahead. You'll do great!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    welcome to the forum Chickenlips--i'm in the UK.

    Weve got several members in Oz, no doubt Smiddy will be in touch when he wakes up.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Phil,

    I too watch Eric Wilson's videos. Many are excellent. And Ding is right, The question is not where else, .but to who else. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and The Life.

    Congratulations for having the courage to do the research that led you to where you are now.

    Don't be depressed; Jesus loves you to death and His Word will continue to set you free.

  • joao

    Hi Phil, welcome to the forum!

    I'm also pretty new here and I know what you're feeling. I'm going through it at the moment. But I'm doing fine. It's a war I'm going to win. And so are you. We're already winning!

    Stay around and chat with us. You'll feel much less alone.

    Hug from Portugal!


  • Chickenlips

    It’s awesome to get this support and to head from people who are/have been through this.

    I very much believe in God.. I understand why some wouldn’t given the associated trauma…

    Thank you Aude… I’ll try the zoom link for the Californian group!

    Thanks Joao… it’s crazy isn’t it!? I find myself just shaking my head from time to time… hugs back bro.

    Thanks Stan… I look forward to hearing from Smiddy…

    Vanderhoden… I’m trying my best mate… thank you for your words of comfort…

    Truth_b we sure do crave meaning… it’s absolutely a necessity!! I want truth and meaning!!

    Love-uni right!!!!?!? OMG 😱

    Ding - I PM’d you thank you 🙏

    Onwards and upwards I guess!!


  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Patient: I think I'm a chicken.

    Psychiatrist: How long has this been going on?

    Patient: Ever since I came out of my shell.

    Sry- couldnt resist a stupid chicken joke.

    One thing Ive learned along the way is that not enough people question their parents beliefs/ attitudes etc. Just because our parents believe something doesnt make it true.

    This need for parental apporval sticks with most people their whole lives. Even after their parents are gone, people will still imagine how their parent will react to whatever it is they are doing. Its kind of nice, but it also keeps people trapped in idealogies, rascism, religions, football teams....

  • punkofnice

    Hello Chicky. Welcome to the land of the free.

    I do have one sister who isn’t interested in the truth

    I would advise you to stop using the term 'the truth' because this is their term to trick your brain into thinking it it indeed true. I now use 'in the corporation' or 'in the watchtower' or 'in the cult'.

    I have no idea about the land down under but www.jwfacts.com is the place to go. I believe Paul that runs it is a fellow Aussie.

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