What have you forgotten you ever even knew?

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  • Simon

    At a certain point, as the years tick by, you start to realize that you have forgotten a lot of things. Typically, something you learned, some knowledge or skill you used to have, that you just haven't used for so long you no longer remember anything but that you once knew it.

    I saw an article about electrical resistors the other day, and how the colored bands signify the rating. I used to know that. I used to be able to look at one and say what it was. Now all I remember is that I used to know it, and that resistors do something with, erm, electricity ... (right?)

    But then I can still remember things that I "knew" at a much younger age and was never really of any significant interest, like the theme tune to "Champion The Wonder-horse".

    Have a think - what have you forgotten you ever even knew?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I can't remember.

    I know my math skills have declined as I do not need them for work now. Some things I did as a brash youngster I would not attempt now.

  • TonusOH

    What is the old joke? "Memory is the second thing you lose as you get older. I can't recall what the first is..."

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    some days i cant remember what i had for breakfast. Other days i cant remember if i even had any.

  • Victor

    The reason for early memories being easily remembered is that the brain locks down the rewiring of the brain with new data. This is explained in the book Livewired. Neurons are always fighting for territory and those not used commit suicide. Neuroplasticity is a top that has long interested. The author says that Einstein’s last words were in his German native tongue.

  • hoser

    I used to be able to rattle off many different scriptures. Not so much anymore. Use it or lose it they say.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    My grandson is 6 months old and it’s fun to sing to him. So there have been several mornings that i have waked with old songs playing in my head that were popular kid songs in the early 5os. Seems when you need to sing Did You Ever See A Lassie, it all comes back!

  • SadElder

    Simon I still remember the little ditty they taught us to remember the resistor color code and that was over 50 some years ago in high school electronics class. But it's not repeatable here. Teachers would get written up in the newspaper and probably fired for teaching it today.

  • Simon

    Yeah, unless they were making a rainbow flag with the transistor colors.

  • Gorb

    Names and faces. Omg.


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