What a Bad Day for Democrats

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Feel free to delete my account as I've no wish to be associated with this site any longer.

    Don't let the door hit ya in the ass!

    (So tired of people playing a "race" card when they are losing the fight.)

  • silentbuddha

    Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault... by a Hispanic woman while he was vp.

    Yeah it's a wrap

  • Queequeg

    Did he grab her pussy?

  • silentbuddha

    He apparently put his hands on her shoulder and kissed the back of her head. She felt violated so he is done. Elizabeth Warren will want blood

  • mrquik

    It looks like the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party. It has become fractured with no clear direction and no way to fix the divisiveness. The far left is beginning to influence the balance of the moderate Democrats to the point where none of the current presidential hopefuls are willing to cross them. They will eventually pull the party apart with the result being none of the factions will have a cohesive consensus to effect future elections.

  • Finkelstein

    Many people think now that since the Mueller report kind of cleared Trump's name.. cough ..cough, that the Republican party is on the tread to recover leading up to Trump's second term.

    But wait what did the mid term elections show regarding the Democrats and Congress ?

  • silentbuddha

    The democratic party is a party of extremes. Women are great. LGBTQ+ are great. Immigrants are great. Men are bad. White people are bad. Capitalism is bad. America is broken. These are the beliefs of the democratic party.

    I never thought I would see a day when American citizens are ashamed to be American. Meanwhile immigrants will kill themselves to get here and partake.

    This lopsided reasoning is bound to cost them.

  • Finkelstein

    Men are bad. White people are bad.

    Really where and how did you come to that conclusion.

    The democratic party has been known to be more empathic toward social issues and immigrants, meaning less racist.

  • silentbuddha

    So the incessant rambling of how white male culture is destroying America, toxic masculinity, etc... just doesnt exist. I'm a black Male and as much as it is bothers me to say it at times, I feel bad for white men in this current climate.

    I also see how the democratic party puts black females against black males.

    Ignores issues within the black community in favor of ONLY hispanic immigrant issues, which makes sense being that they are a larger voting block and value that vote more.

    The democratic party is more in tune with whatever group will garner more votes. The latest fascination with destroying the electoral college which would ensure that they would never lose another election.

    The incessant fascination with helping illegals to acquire housing and safety meanwhile ignoring inner city kids and poor rural kids who are actual citizens...

  • minimus

    Before you reach out to take care of others, take care of your own!

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