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  • former2free

    Hello desirousofchange,

    I agree on that point and that was my direction I want to go. Fortunately she has big issues with the generation teaching and child baptism so I have a good start from there. From this point on it’s gonna be opening her mind about other things slowly of course to the point where she’s ready to make a stand.

  • flipper

    FORMER2FREE- Hey bud, how are you doin ' ? Great opening thread by you . Nicely done. Enjoyed chatting with you awhile back, would like to chat again. Great important points you brought out like this one > " So my biggest thing now is I wanna have my research in a format that I can have legitimate references from , and I want to get a file together... "

    And then this point is huge > " Study was never a strong suit growing up in the organization we never studied we read their publications AND NEVER ANYTHING ELSE. "

    I capitalized the really important part to stress how important it is after mentally getting out of the JW's to KEEP researching and proving all of this stuff to yourself you are finding out online about the WT Society. After you've researched for a few years - I swear - it becomes like Pandora's box and the WT skeleton's and circus carnies start tumbling out of the closet and your head starts becoming like a swivel and as you find out more you'll say " I never knew the WT Society did THAT ! or was that criminal ! "

    I went through this same phase a few years AFTER I exited the JW's and never realized how much important information was on the Internet exposing the WT organization that I knew absolutely nothing about until I researched ! But THAT was the WT Society's intention to keep all of us as what Steve Hassan calls in his books on mind control under " information control " so as NOT to learn of the WT Society's criminal, unethical, and harmful ways and past. So the typical JW doesn't have a clue how big a child abuse problem Jehovah's Witnesses have ! It's all part of the scheme of WT leaders to KEEP it that way.

    It's going to blow your mind. As I'm quite sure your mind has already been blown at the things you've discovered about the WT Society. But stay steady, stay the course. Desirous of Changes advice is great to not push too hard with your wife. It might drive her back into the JW cult mode if you do. Just show her lots of love so she sees you are the same good guy she married, even better. Because others might tell her that " oh your husband is " drifting " , " weak " , or " losing his spirituality " - when the fact of the matter is that NOW you are becoming MORE into TTATT. You are REALLY truthful now, they just don't know it and are still under mind control.

    So these are just a few thoughts I have , hey I'll PM you my contact info on the PM you sent me. Perhaps you could do the same and send your info to me ? Thanks. Hang in there buddy, you will be O.K. and do well. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Hey bud, I sent you a PM, just wanted to let you know. Take care, have a great day ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Proud parent bumping my son thread. You are a good man flipper. Still Totally ADD

  • Apostate Anonymous
    Apostate Anonymous

    Welcome F2F. Thanks for sharing your story. I am also a born in who is only a few years younger than yourself. So I'm sure we dealt with many of the same issues growing up in a JW family. Grandparents on both sides were JWs. I was fortunate in that I was never baptized and ended up walking away around the time I got my first GF at 16 years old. My parents are still active and never skip an opportunity to invite me to CO talks and memorials. Even though I left at a young age, it took some time to deprogram all the BS they drill into your head. It's a process. Take your time with it and enjoy the freedom!

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    F2F, welcome to the rest of your iife!

  • former2free

    Thanks all for the warm welcome and I look forward to making new friends that aren’t conditional on whether you are a certain religion or not.

  • Diogenesister

    Hey there young fella! I think you know you are so very welcome snd that we are delighted that re-opened mind and totally ADD DAD have their baby back in their lives again (because you will always be their baby). A large majority of the Watchtower GB have never had children and thus have always been the centre of their own worlds, never understanding the pain a parent goes through having to shun or being shunned (as a dad i know you will understand what i mean). I dont know whether you are comfortable with the "C" word yet - it took me an inordinate number of years to come to terms with the fact id been duped. I guess thats where real humility comes in, or rather accepting it can happen to anyone. If you can i would love you to read the following its very insightful, and im sure it will ring bells for you. Obviously we follow 8 men as jws, not one. However its the power and control they weild not the number of leaders that is relevent.

    Also......Oh boy what about your Dad!!!! I LOL'D myself off the chair when totally ADD busted you for your school kid indiscretions!!! I guess there is one disadvantage to having an exjw Dad.....they get to read your life stories, warts and all! Of course the truth is we all have been through the same, although sadly watchtower takes what is normal and healthy and turns it into something to be ashamed of.

    Anyways just wanted to pop in and say how happy i am for your family! <3<3<3

  • former2free

    Thanks diogensister and yes I’m ok with the word “CULT” but what I am backing off from saying is the the derogatory word “WORLDLY” but witnesses are impartial. But as far as the childhood things I’m old enough not to care anymore especially what all normal kids do. I’ll look at that link later when I can and thanks.

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