North Korea viral video and JW Comparison.

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  • steve2

    Broad strokes may bear a seeming resemblance - just like moonscapes from a distance can appear like landscapes on earth. But there the comparison grinds to a screeching halt - otherwise comparisons of such staggering difference distort reality and risk lumping all human suffering into a similar basket.

    Up close, the brutality of the North Korean regime would have you pleading to be safely in the hands of religiously impotent buffoons, whether JW or other high control groups - which is NOT to say buffoons are your desired company.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    The difference is one group uses mental coercion and mental torture. The other group does both, mental coercion and torture and physical coercion and torture, even death. But the essence is the same, both groups take away freedom by coercive means. So the comparison is adequate if the differences are noted too.

    The great Christopher Hitchens (rip) compared Christianity to North Korea several times. Intelligent people understood that Hitchens was not equaling North Korea and Christianity, but that both groups use similar systems; tyranny to control the masses. I agree with Hitchens comparison.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Simon: "everyone thinks the time they got served a Starbucks that had slightly not enough milk in it is exactly like the Nazi concentration camps ..."

    To prove that the opening piece is ridiculous you make a ridiculous analogy. The comparison of North Korea and JW's is valid as long as there are some caveats. But your analogy is definitely ridiculous.

  • cofty
    The great Christopher Hitchens (rip) compared Christianity to North Korea several times

    Not quite. He called an eternity of praising a deity in heaven while under total divine surveillance a "celestial North Korea".

  • steve2

    Never a Jw, when you refer to what Hitchens says, you adopt a more measured, thoughtful way of talking about the comparisons. If you had done that to begin with.......

    Even so, I love your line about what "intelligent people" would deduce from Hitchens ( one of my favorite thinkers). A bit like how JW organization talks about how "honest-hearted" ones respond to their message. Talk about loading the account with not-so-subtle persuaders: Who wants to be thought of as not intelligent or not honest-hearted?

  • Chook

    Now that video is an example of the new world under the doctoral rule of WT incorporated. Imagine the punishment process dished out by the princes and their wayward children, we would end up like the tribes of Israel fighting for who is the most dominant tribe. My money would be on the one controlling the food supply.

    No war sounds good , but if you don't share your food , the young strong men take food and we end up with regions like Mogadishu . Seriously do the GB share literally any of their food for the local hungry. Community work is non existent. And that video of how North Koreans lived is exactly how the new world under WT would be. Talk against those in authority and you apostate would lose your head, but like the North Korean they will punish your relatives.

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