North Korea viral video and JW Comparison.

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  • pleaseresearch

    I watched this video yesterday from this brave young North Korean woman. Hearing her share her experiences living in her country and what the people go through on a day to day basis is so very similar to JWs today and how we lived.

    Please watch and tell me your thoughts.

    Thank you.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I'm gonna say the north koreans have it a little worse than do JWs.

  • Angharad

    I think the comparison is ridiculous

    How many JWs are in danger of being publicly executed for watching a movie and living in constant fear? How many JW children have to watch their mothers be raped ? How many JW's have to walk across a desert to leave -you just stop going to meetings hardly the same even if people do stop talking to you

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    False equivalency for sure as far as seriousness. Poor baby. Being born into a cult, whether of a doctrine (ie: Governing Body worship) or a dictator worshiping state, is tragic.

  • steve2

    No comparison at all. It's ridiculous to even suggest it. What next? Comparing JW organization with ISIS?

    I'd rather be trapped in a Kingdom Hall forced to listen to threats of Jehovah killing me at Armageddon than trapped in North Korea exposed to scenes of mass executions in front of me knowing I could be next.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Well, I disagree. The comparison is not that far off. Think of it as a hyperbole. Sure, you can't get executed for watching a movie but you can be a in a special needs talk for watching a rated R movie, and then shunned. Sure, you won't be raped for $200 but might be raped by an elder in your local hall, and all to end up with everyone telling you it's your fault, and did you enjoy it type of questions from the other elders.

    So a far cry, no, it's not. N Korea has physical brutality, the funky-ass watchtower has mental brutality.

    Never forget that. Remember the real why you visit this site anyway. It's to help you cope with the Watchtower's torture.

  • steve2

    By your own examples, you admit a willingness to use hyperbole to "make comparisons" with anything and everything so that the whole exercise becomes meaningless. All sense of proportion is lost.

    To equate the gravity of executions by the state with the gravity of rape by an elder is a shocking mismatch of tragic scenarios.

    By your own admitted hyperbolic statements, you reveal more about your intent to force comparisons to suit your need for sensationalism. The rape of an individual by a man in a position of power is worthy of consideration in its own right without recourse to exaggerated - i.e., hyperbolic - comparisons with perhaps the most starkly brutal regime on earth.

  • LisaRose

    I saw a documentary on North Korea a few years ago and saw some similarities between their situation and being a JW. I believe North Korea can be thought of as a giant cult. Their leader is considered to be all powerful, with special knowledge of what they need, the reverence given to him is not unlike the way JWs think of the governing body. Children practice all year to perform in front of the leader, it is considered a special privilege, disappointing him is a fear of every performer.

    In North Korea, the U.S. is considered evil, they are told that the U.S. plots to deprive them of food and wants then to be destroyed. This is not unlike the way Satan/outsiders are demonized to JWs.

    Information about the outside world is restricted, alternative voices are shut down. The JWs constantly talk about not believing or trusting any information from outside the organization. Yes, any JW has access to outside information, but how many of them are afraid to access that information, for fear of disappointing God and missing out on everlasting life?

    Telling you what to think, who to talk to and what you should do are hallmarks of a cult, cults take many forms. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses at not executed, but how many are disfellowshiped, a fate considered as bad as death to many JWs? The end result is the same, the remaining people fall in line, not wanting to risk everything.

  • Simon

    These kinds of ridiculous over the top hyped beyond all comprehension comparisons with people who suffer genuine loss, oppression and such from a state sponsored regime with some volunteer victims of a mild western cult is, I'm sorry, just silly.

    I'm sure there are people who have suffered terrible abuse while in the WTS, but they are the exception. Whatever hardship we think we've had to put up with is really nothing compared to what many in the world have to put up with.

    I think this is the inevitable extrapolation of the victim-olympics - everyone thinks the time they got served a Starbucks that had slightly not enough milk in it is exactly like the Nazi concentration camps ...

    Please, let's have some perspective! It does no one any good making wild claims. Anyone reading things like this will rightly treat any claims of genuine victims of the WTS with incredulity so it's not just cost-free hyperbole - this stuff can do real damage.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Your points are well taken. But I really think LIsaRose has made some valid points.

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