More evidence beards are being eased in . . .

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    The June 2017 Watchtower tells the experience of a Bible student who was homeless and unkempt, but improved his appearance after being preached to.

    Peter began to change. He bathed, neatly
    trimmed his beard, and put on the better
    clothes that Don offered him. Peter continued to maintain a clean appearance.

    So here we see that with a neatly trimmed beard The Watchtower's writers view him as having "a clean appearance". The article also included a before and after drawing, seen here.

  • alanv

    Wow good find. This will certainly encourage those with beads or mustaches to keep them, and hopefully help others see that it is fine to have a well kept beard etc.

  • steve2

    I've always said that an older man with a neatly trimmed beard is a pleasant and dignified sight to behold.

    From a visual perspective, It helps that he is of slim build.

    His facial expression hasn't changed much - no kingdom smile evident. A shame.

    His left hand reaches out sideways which is promising. Is he about to break out into Susan Boyle's "I Had a Dream"?

    I hope if he ever transgresses against JW organization that they do not drop him like a hot potatoe. He may then revert to an untrimmed beard - which is not becoming of either a Christian or a dignified older man.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    In our community, many young and older men have beards and long hair. While a lot of the beards are rangy, I agree with steve2 insofar as the older guys looking dignified. I keep my beard slightly past the "designer stubble" stage. Hair is almost halfway down the back.

    I've changed somewhat since this photo was taken. Still a strawberry blond . . .

  • dubstepped
    To me it's a jump to say that beards are being eased in from this, but then again I wouldn't set foot in a Kingdom Hall so I can do whatever I want.

    1) This is some shitty art work.

    2) The "after" drawing is deceptive.

    He doesn't have a tie... He's not baptized, or even depicted inside the KH. He will NOT have a beard if the WTBTS decides to depict the continued fictional account of this person.


  • Spoletta

    DD. Not baptized says it all. Wait till he has to do whatever the Elders "suggest" to him.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I started mine about mid November when the wt said it's okay if beards are common or cultural in your area. I figured, "what the hell". If the wt is going to be so f**king vague about stuff, it's time to start pushing the envelope. So far, a few slightly off hand comments but nothing to rough. Of course, I'm not being "used" in any way in the cong and barely attend anymore. Been inactive for a few years now since I "resighed" as an elder. I go on Sunday with my wife.

    One of my former elder friend's did ask, "why now"? So I explained, " the the bible never speaks bad about beards so why is the org so concerned? Every outstanding male character in the bible had a beard including jesus and his pop."

    Just saying!

  • steve2

    cc - very nice photo of you as a youngster! Some men in their more mature years are incredibly lucky to keep the hair of their youth. I have a full head of hair - but I politely refer to it as "more salt than pepper".

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, steve2:

    Behind "little CoCo," and beyond the shrubbery, was Nana and Gramps WWII Victory Garden. Nana and Ma Mere (paternal g'ma) taught me to garden, a debt I could never repay.

    Yes -- "more salt than pepper"! Kudos on the totally hirsute pate . . .

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